Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

Actual dry: choose programming direction, must know

Hello, I’m Tam. If you are a beginner, very interested in programming, and want to become a qualified programmer, then this article is written for you.

Tam according to years of programming experience, and combined with the current development prospects of the Internet industry, we give you the analysis of programming a few major directions.

1 server background development

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

Now do the server backend development programming language, commonly used is Java, PHP, C++ etc.; entry is difficult, but the late development potential; whether it is APP, or “, such as intelligent hardware need to provide background service, I am still relatively optimistic about the development of the.

2 APP mobile development

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

APP mobile development include: IOS development, Android development; the development of IOS language is OC (Object-C) and swift Android; the development of language is Java; for the mobile terminal development, the first to master the basic development language, to learn API system and framework of different platforms, you can go to the development of the.

With the wave of mobile Internet, APP has sprung up, and the big Internet Co have paid a lot of money to dig people, so the salary of IOS and Android developers will go up

But with the APP mobile development talent output training institutions, enterprise talent gap is smaller; and on 2016, the capital of winter, many startups die, so the APP mobile developers wages also slowly return to the market rational state (a lot of learning APP mobile development friends, have reason to treat).

3 intelligent hardware

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

Intelligent hardware has been extended from wearable devices to smart TV, smart home, smart cars, medical health, intelligent toys, robots and other fields. Intelligent hardware typically includes Google Glass, Samsung Gear, FitBit, Jimmy open cup, plump hand ring, Tesla, LETV TV etc..

Do intelligent hardware development, and the need to learn embedded microcontroller, not only to write code, but also understand the hardware, so the threshold is relatively high, the knowledge is relatively complex, long learning time; if you want to go to study, there are some software or hardware based.

4. game development

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

Game development, generally have the end of the tour (such as World of Warcraft), Webpage Game (such as legend) and Mobile Games (such as onmyoji, Royal war); the end of the tour and Webpage Game, here is not to do too much of (mainly Tan Zi also failed to develop several, ha ha); I will talk about the popular Mobile Games.

Hand travel is mainly developed by the Cocos2d-x game engine, a C++ based game engine; so the engine will have to have C++ foundation Oh (but now also based on the JS and Lua version of it).

The game has always been a cheap entertainment for a long time, and many people might ask why it’s cheap You see, a lot of games can not spend a penny, can you buy a toy for a long time; there are dozens of dollars, so I still enjoy a sense of pay game player (ha ha, mainly in 2016, Tan Son and friends founded a Mobile Games company, although now failed…) In general, the prospects for hand travel development is good!!!

5 VR/AR development

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

Pool first to popularize what is VR and AR, of course, there are MR (not too much to explain here).

Virtual reality (Virtual Reality, referred to as “VR”, translated as “spiritual environment”, “unreal reality”), is a new and high-tech technology appearing in recent years, also known as “spiritual environment technology” or “artificial environment”. Virtual reality is the use of computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional virtual world, provides the user to simulate visual, auditory and tactile sense, let users like personally on the scene, can in a timely manner, there is no limit to observe things in three dimensions.

Augmented Reality (AR) is also known as hybrid reality. It uses computer technology to apply virtual information to the real world, where real and virtual objects are superimposed on the same screen or space in real time.

What’s the difference between VR and AR?

In simple terms, the virtual reality (VR) scene and characters are all fake, and it’s about putting your consciousness into a virtual world.

Augmented reality (AR), a part of the scene and part of the view, is really part of the false, is to bring virtual information into the real world.

It is recommended to use the domestic easyAR, and then master the corresponding unity3D technology, C# recommendations under the basic can be developed. And VR development, the main 3D software framework is U3D and Unreal, the corresponding programming language is C# and C++.

Now VR/AR development is a relatively new field; the development prospects also depend on other factors such as hardware development, so personally feel that the current study to develop this aspect, the risk is still a little big!

6 web development

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

That is, do website, general front-end and back-end (Java and PHP, etc.), the front end is mainly responsible for web design, you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on. And the recent WeChat applet is also very hot, and many people think that this is the next outlet; many friends who do web development, are unable to withstand the excitement of the heart, to do WeChat small program development!

7 algorithm, underlying the development of

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

For the requirements of the development from the two direction of the technical staff, is still quite high, of course, the treatment is quite high; algorithm is relatively high demands on mathematical thinking, I have a colleague who is engaged in the study of speech recognition algorithm, the math department master programming ability is also good; and for the development of the bottom, generally refers to the framework is even operating system development, requirements of higher…..

8 test (QA)

Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

QA (Quality Assurance) is generally classified as black box testing and white box testing.

Black box testing: the known product functional design specification, can realize the function of each test to prove whether it meets the requirements; white box testing: the known product internal work process, can pass the test to prove whether each internal operation in accordance with the requirements of design specifications, all internal components to check whether after.

QA tester is a programmer checks, not only be able to read the code (probably understand what), but also master the testing techniques, more important is the careful, have patience and perseverance; if the product is bug too much, have the right to reject the programmer’s products, then will affect the performance of the test programmer; and development companies usually have small contradictions; but many of the company’s testing personnel is woman, will lead to a quarrelsome lovers. The bug program ape, usually with the test girl more opportunities, and single great opportunity, ha ha…


Actual dry: select the direction of programming, must know

In general, IT programming industry in the market, treatment is relatively high; but each industry has its own particularity, the Internet is changing rapidly, enterprises in order to keep pace with the market development, technology development for the development of a friend, it is quite hard…………