Assembly language (Third Edition) – how to turn on debug (Windows / Mac)

Personal summary tool to download DOSBOX (DOS simulator) debug (32 bit) password: rr2b Description: above program two, the system is universal, DOSBOX will download the corresponding software according to the device itself.

Windows Edition

  • Online news says that windows32 can run debug directly, and has not tried it here. However, you can be sure that the 64 bit is certainly not necessary, the DOSBOX simulation environment is required.
  • After the software is downloaded, double-click on the DOSBox and assume that the debug.exe program you downloaded at this time is in the d:/debug_exe folder
  • (Photo by brain) in the input window: Mount C d:/debug_exe can be understood as the target C in the d:/debug_exe folder, can also be understood as, d:/debug_exe was defined as the target folder. I remember the C do not have to write C, can write other letters, verification of D, the other to make up the brain, if converted to other letters. The corresponding change.
  • Success prints Drive, C, is, mounted, local, directory, xxxxx
  • Input: c:, said in this position this time there will be some changes in the default should be: Z:/> C:/> _ after be _
  • Finally, enter debug, execute the debug program, and then wait for you to enter the content.

Mac version

  • Online news said the Mac version of the debug needs 64 to run, toss one afternoon I did not become, do you like!! Finally, put that put on Windows debug, a.
  • Here, the debug.exe program needs to be placed in the finder -> go to -> under the individual, you can also create a folder debug_exe here and put it in. In short, there is a pit is, I use the Chinese version, so Document Chinese show manuscript, I put it in the manuscript, knock the path when it is impossible to use Chinese, so knock Document, the result can not be found.
  • After the software is downloaded, double-click DOSBox to install and run
  • (picture, brain, brain patch) enter at this window: mount, C, ~/debug_exe, understanding the same way
  • Success prints Drive, C, is, mounted, local, directory, xxxxx
  • Then enter: c:, which means entering this position
  • Finally, enter debug and wait for you to enter the content (here is the hole at the beginning, debug does not come out!).


  • The Parallels of the Desktop windows virtual machine cannot run DOSBOX software.