Clear state for SWT Text Widget

I have this function :

public static void changeState(Text control,final int style)
    if (SWT.ENABLED == (style & SWT.ENABLED)) {
        MyService.setState(control, SWT.ENABLED);

    if (SWT.DISABLED == (style & SWT.DISABLED)) {
        MyService.setState(control, SWT.DISABLED);

    if(SWT.READ_ONLY == (style & SWT.READ_ONLY)){
        MyService.setState(control, SWT.READ_ONLY);

I want to clear the current state of the widget before setting another state to it.

I made a text object for which I set the state to inactive and after this I tried to set it to read_only but it didn’t work and that’s why I am trying to make a function which clears the current state in order to be able to change states for the same object.

How should I do this?

Maybe there is some function which does this but I couldn’t find one.

There are no such flags as SWT.ENABLED or SWT.DISABLED.

You enable/disable a control using


You change the read only state of a Text control using


Note that most other style bits cannot be changed once a control has been created.