Code sample HID client using Bluez

I’m desperately looking for some C sample source code that describes how to implement a HID client using Bluez. More specifically, I would like to know how to write an application that sends keyboard inputs over bluetooth to another Linux system. (Really, the fact that the receiver is running Linux/Bluez shouldn’t matter.)


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Shamelessly copying from a previous answer of mine:

Some time ago I found this project:

They emulate a full-blown headset with audio and keyboard controls on the Linux bluetooth stack. If they can emulate something like that, you would probably be able to emulate something simpler like a keyboard.

Here is full example apply to keyboard and mouse include get report set report virtual unplug function. the client hid is slave side…

and you can refer to bluez/android/hidhost.c(Master side) see how to connect to slave