[code_ pony] spectrum animation (volume, amplitude bar)


[code_ pony] spectrum animation (volume, amplitude bar)

UI interface is a bit low, but is still able to achieve the function, provides an idea:

[code_ pony] spectrum animation (volume, amplitude bar)
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CALayer chapter:

  • So without further ado, direct line code:
- (void) code_XMAnimation4 {//1., first create the copy layer, the music vibration bar layer, add to the copy layer, and then copy the layer. CAReplicatorLayer *replicatorLayer layer] = [CAReplicatorLayer; replicatorLayer.frame = CGRectMake (50, H-200, 220, 150); replicatorLayer.backgroundColor = [UIColor lightGrayColor].CGColor; [self.view.layer addSublayer:replicatorLayer]; / / 2. to create a volume of vibration, and set up the animation, the animation is set around the bottom zoom, *bar = [CALayer anchor CALayer layer]; bar.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:255/255.0 green:110/255.0 blue:60/255.0 alpha:1.0].CGColor; bar.bounds = CGRectMake (0, 0, 10, 100); //bounds bar.position = CGPointMake (20, 150); / / x.y center point coordinates of bar.anchorPoint = CGPointMake (0.5, 1); / / [replicatorLayer addSublayer:bar] CABasicAnimation location *anim = [CABasic; Animation animation]; anim.keyPath = transform.scale.y; anim.toValue = @ @ (0.1); anim.autoreverses = YES; anim.repeatCount = MAXFLOAT; [bar addAnimation:anim forKey:nil]; //3. copy layer (also can be said to be the duplicate layer) / / 13 layer, 12 layer copy replicatorLayer.instanceCount = 13; / / set opposite duplicate layer, each x the shaft was 15 replicatorLayer.instanceTransform = CATransform3DMakeTranslation (15, 0, 0); / / set the delay time animation copy layer replicatorLayer.instanceDelay = 0.3; / / set the copy opacity of replicatorLayer.instanceAlphaOffset = -0.03; / / set the duplicate layer of a relatively duplicate layer of red offset replicatorLayer.instanceRedOffs Et = 0.06; / / replicatorLayer.instanceGreenOffset = 0;}
  • Simple.

[code_ pony]

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[twelfth episodes]

… like the wind, the day I left the hospital, I was really face to face with him. After dinner, we sat on the bed, and for the first time I felt the 13 flat home was so small. Both of us were silent, and I kept my head low and dared not look like the wind. After such a long stay, I said, “it hurts just now. Go to bed early.”.” I got up and pulled the curtain that hung between my bed and him, and the wind came up like a horse and caught my hand in the curtain. I was nervous to see him, his eyes very gently, my heart pounding. The wind bowed his head, and he kissed me again, and my body trembled slightly in his arms. His kiss slowly become overbearing, walk from my lips to my ears my neck, my body as though he lit, white skin with light pink. The wind began to breathe more quickly, he pinned me to the chest in the corner, I suddenly frightened, two years ago, is here, Fu taken lightly my virginity, also died. “No!”…… Don’t!” I pushed away the wind like a frightened little animal. As the wind clenched fists, back to me, desperate to suppress their already burst of passion. I’ve been searching for topics in my head. I don’t know what to do in such a situation. What should I do?. “If you love story.” I pretend to be nothing to say, this is my recent heart, but I did not expect to blurt out at this time. The face of the wind was unnaturally pulled, as if struck by something. “The show is very beautiful, straightforward……” I whispered, slightly pantothenic acid. “What I said is true.”!” The wind interrupts me. I avoided his words and went on to say, “Linda is also very careful.”……” “I say I love you, really.”!” The wind caught my shoulder and shouted loudly. I dared not look into his eyes and slowly bowed my head. The hand of the wind slowly released, as if sentenced to death. He said sadly, “that’s the way it is.”……” The wind runs out. I then sat on the bed, looking at the open door, tears slowly slid out. So what exactly is it? I had no strength to think, and I never expected it. In fact, I think very simple, all can change freely, as long as the wind with each other, rely on each other’s silent life. In the end, however, he left. The strong pain in my stomach makes my thoughts clear. No matter what, never lose him. Don’t be a man! I rushed out of the house without hesitation. The wind in the East Song drunk drunk, Cheng Xiuxiu helped him to his room. Cheng Xiuxiu liked the wind, but when did she begin to laugh at it?. Maybe it is the first time we met, I only stand in all the wind is so handsome, is listening to her father’s words but did not bother her. Or is the first time she saw her father’s murder, he got in to cry before his body said the girls don’t see too much blood. Or because of his subtle? Ruthless when the good ruthless, pull out gun aimed at uncle, eyes do not blink. Gentle and soft when she gave him a layer of chocolate, it is home to bring sister taste. When love happens, the reason becomes redundant, Cheng Xiuxiu kisses the wind. As the wind slowly opens its eyes, “why don’t you love me?”” He said painfully. “Love, how could you not love?”” Cheng Xiuxiu said gently in his ear. “Why doesn’t she love me?”!” “Wind,” said Cheng Xiuxiu. Cheng Xiuxiu looked pale, and she screamed, “she?” Who is she? Who is she?!” The wind seemed at last to see the man in front of him. He climbed up from the bed and said coldly, “I’m leaving.”.” Cheng Xiuxiu clung to the wind from behind him and said, “no! Don’t go! O wind, I love you, I love you!” “Show, let go.” As the wind speaks. Cheng Xiuxiu moved to him, his fingers trembling at his buttons, and his mouth kept saying, “no, I won’t let you go.”! Not allow!” If the wind lets her take off her shirt, he looks lonely and says, “is that all?” Is that enough?” Cheng Xiuxiu paused, bent on the wind, and cried, “Why are you doing this to me?” Why?!” There was a flash of light outside the window, like a sudden wind. “What’s the matter?”” Cheng Xiuxiu choked. “Is it raining outside?”” The wind is tense. “Yes, what’s the matter?”” Cheng Xiuxiu was the wind like scare. As the wind pushed her away, she went out without her shouting, and he never went back. The rain washes my body, and the firm faith of the wind sustains me stumbling. A lightning flashed across me, and I fell to my knees in horror. My nerves were on the verge of collapse. A black BMW stopped beside me, and a young girl walked down the road. She walked up to me and propped up my umbrella. I raised my head. It was Cheng Xiuxiu. I caught her and said, “like wind, see wind?” Where is he?” Cheng Xiuxiu looked at me suspiciously: “how are you? The wind is mad looking for you!” I staggered up, automatic speaking: “I want to go to him!” Another bolt of lightning, I screamed and curled into a ball. Cheng Xiuxiu patted me and said, “are you all right?”” I opened her hand and said, “don’t touch me.”!” Impatiently, Cheng Xiuxiu said to the driver, “lift her up.”!” The driver came to pull me, and I struggled desperately and kept shouting, “please!”! I beg you fu! Don’t! Don’t!” “Alfred?” Cheng Xiuxiu whisper, she seems to know what, she grabbed me and said: “how lucky? What do you want from him?” “No!”!” “Why not?” You say ah! Say ah!” The sky was a thunder, I immediately fainted on the ground. “Cheng Xiuxiu!” The wind came, he hugged me, my micro breath after breath, huddled in the murmuring his arms shouting don’t. The wind was dumped her a slap in the face. “That’s her, isn’t it?”! She’s the one you love, right?!” Cheng Xiuxiu shouted at me with blood dripping from his mouth. “I warn you, you don’t want to move her finger.”!” The wind says coldly. “What about her?” We lost because she’s rather baffling! It’s because she’s almost ruined! My father and I almost died in Uncle Zhang’s hand!” Cheng Xiuxiu shouted. “Kill you,” the wind’s voice made Cheng Xiuxiu seem frozen in an instant. “You dare to touch her, I’ll kill you.”!” “Wei wind! You are crazy! You are brothers and sisters!” Cheng Xiuxiu’s hysterical cry. “She is not my sister,” said the wind. “We are not related.”.” Crazy Cheng Xiuxiu fell to the ground, holding the wind I go to far away, disappear in a fog. That year, I am 19 years old, 18 year old Wei wind. The wind returned to me with his silent and deep love. We moved out of the 13 flat house and lived in Premium Apartment House, Cheng Cheng, and the room left me embarrassed by the night. The wind did not tell me to mention a word about the other day, I cannot explain that night I feel kind of piercing and regardless of personal danger impulse is why this is, I never had the feeling, sometimes I even hope that the wind can continue to explore, but he did not. Cheng Hao’s appetite grew, and his industry spread all over the area, from shampoo to house to casino. The wind becomes more calm and more busy. He often does not sleep at night, but if it rains, he will come back. Live in the big house decorated, but I often miss the cabin comfort as pour as a church mouse, and it doesn’t make me feel happy, if there is no wind around my house, and a marble sculpture is not what difference, even it is vivid, everything becomes dark and gifts. Out of hunger and poverty, wealth is at a loss. I am not laborious admitted to the T, read the management, actually learn what did not make sense to me, I want to let the wind cling to the idea of reading has gradually blurred, and I like the future is fuzzy. In college, my beauty continues to be the focus, but that hasn’t changed my loneliness. I’ve got used to the amazing sights and habits of a person. No one dare to call my idea, on time every day to pick up my black BMW sunglasses and burly chap prohibitive. However, that is, in such layers of protection, beauty, like magic, unstoppable, I still look at the scenery others, ah, so I look into the eyes of my life. That afternoon, I was spending my time at an ice cream shop, and two girls in high school were stealing glances at me. The pupil! The woman is beautiful!” One of the fat girls said. The pupil said, “yes, but it’s a bit worse than me.”!” Fat girls laughed: “you? It’s too bad!” The pupil glared at her and said, “women are not only looks, but wisdom is also a kind of beauty.”!” Fat girls ignore her, love said: “if she can grow into it, even if I am willing to be an idiot!” The pupil disagreed: “you look at her, eyes dull, a pair of sad look.”! Unlucky, certainly not live happy!” Fat girl hit her and said: “are you saying! The others left.” “Hello, hello.”! Come on!” The pupil took her hand and said, “she was sitting right there?” There is a handbag, isn’t it hers?” I bought it but forgot to leave my handbag in my seat. It was a great pity for me. I’d rather throw a little handbag, because it almost made me lose something more important than my life. I hurried over and she picked up the handbag and said, “it’s hers.”! What can I do if I can’t catch up?” The pupil said: “see if there is any communication book in the bag.”.” Panmei open, said: “the rich! What about gucci?! EH?…… Textbook, wow! T big! Summer picturesque, the name is very pleasant to hear!…… Got a notepad.” A pupil opened Notepad, his face changed: “good strange!”……” Panmei Mangqiang came to see, she was told: “oh! Why is there only one person’s number on the communication sheet?! The pupil mused: “like wind.”……” A pupil to a telephone booth: “trouble, call99699!”…… Su pupil…… Summer’s picture handbag is here. Please call me again. Thanks!” A few seconds later, the wind came back, and he was worried: “who are you?” Where can I find her? Why is her handbag in your hand?!” “She took the bag

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