Create value object from RESTEasy annotated class method

How can I create an value object from an annotated RESTEasy class method?


I have a class.:

public class InformationResource {}

and the following method in the above class.:

  @Path("/{" + PARAM_INFORMATION_ID + "}/{" + PARAM_VARIANT + "}/{" + PARAM_LOCALE + "}")
  public InformationInformation getInformationInfo(
        @PathParam(PARAM_INFORMATION_ID) @NotNull final Integer informationId,
        @PathParam(PARAM_VARIANT) @NotNull final String variant,
        @PathParam(PARAM_LOCALE) @NotNull final Integer locale,
          @Context HttpServletRequest request) {}

I want to build an value object, that I can use the pass the required parameters to the other methods as one object.

Is this possible in RESTEasy?