Does anyone know how you can use Dropwizard sundial with google Guice and its JPA persistence module

I am trying to use dropwizard sundial to regularly clean my database using Guice and its JPA persistence module. Unfortunately, I can’t get the two dependencies working together.

Here’s the documentation of JPA:
Here’s the documentation of Dropwizard sundial:

I have followed the instructions of both but found no way to make them work together. The problem seems to be with the constructor of the sub subclass as both dependencies seem to have differing requirements on how the constructor should be. Any ideas on what could be done?

I’m unable to post the error, but the constructor of the job is:

public PeriodicDatabaseCleanup(PersistService service) {
    Injector injector = (Injector)SundialJobScheduler.getServletContext().getAttribute("TEST");