Durable Subscription for cluster – dublicate messages or none

I have an issue with recieving messages synchronously from durable subscription. Client is an EJB application (WAS) in a cluster environment (4 servers). For TopicConnectionFactory I specified: “Allow cloned durable subscriptions” and create subscriber:

session.createDurableSubscriber( topic, subName);

When I asknowledge message (javascript on web page -> servlet method (web) -> singleton method (ejb)) I receive 1 message (client id on all 4 servers is the same). But next day after client restart (browser closed, pc restarted) I do not receive messages, though subscription exists. Untill I restart an application.

If I configure different client id for each of 4 servers, I receive 4 copies of messages.
Please help, I am completly confused

UPD. Same behavior if I use shared durable subscription (instead of proprietary cloned durable)