Early in the morning to receive Apple’s “violation of policy notice”, you received it?

Early in the morning with the JSPatch APP received Apple’s “violation of policy advice.””.

Because Apple modifies the audit rules

Early in the morning to receive Apple's

Notification content:

Dear, Developer,

Your app, extension and/or, linked framework appears to contain code designed explicitly with the capability to change your app s behavior or functionality after ‘App Review approval, which is not in compliance with section 3.3.2 of theApple Developer Program License AgreementandApp Store Review Guideline 2.5.2. This code, combined with a remote resource, can facilitate significant changes to your app’ s behavior compared to when it was initially reviewed for the App Store. While you may not be using this functionality currently, it has the potential to load private frameworks, private methods, and enable future feature changes.

This includes any code which passes arbitrary parameters to dynamic methods such as (dlopen), dlsym (), respondsToSelector:, performSelector:, method_exchangeImplementations (and), running remote scripts in order to change app behavior or call SPI, based on the contents of the downloaded script. Even if the remote resource is not intentionally malicious, it could easily be hijacked via a Man In The Middle (MiTM) attack, which can pose a serious security vulnerability to users of your app.

Please perform an in-depth review of your app and remove any code, frameworks or, SDKs that fall in line with the functionality described above before submitting the next update for your app for review.

Best regards,

App Store Review

Early in the morning to receive Apple's