Elementary introduction to WWDC2017


Hardware: release includes 21.5/27 Pro, HomePad inch iMac/iMac Siri speakers, 10.5 inch ultra narrow iPad Pro, the 7 generation core MacBook A10X processor, iPad Pro based hardware.

Software: tvOS, watchOS, iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, iOS 11 for the first time to join the file manager, night mode etc..

Ios11 points:

New function

1: iMessage redesigned application drawers to support iCloud synchronous deletion

2: supports Apple, Pay, point to point transfers, Siri icons, updates, and more intelligence

3:’s newly designed control center, lock screen interface and notification center combine

4: Livephotos supports editing and map services to support airport interior maps

5: brand new App Store, more colorful card design

6: supports sweeping code! SMS anti harassment! Take the phone number as Apple ID

Release time:

The official version of iOS 11 will be released this fall

10.5 inches iPad Pro

Appearance and function

The frame size is more narrow, and 9.7 inch iPad Pro is almost the same. The new Files file management applications, including Baidu cloud cloud service support. The new Dock column, support multi task processor and new application switch. Add drag and drop function, text, pictures, links support drag!

hardware configuration

A10X chip. 12 core GPU. 12 million pixels, support 4K video, 10 hours battery life. Front 7 million camera. June 6th receive a reservation, start shipping next week


Chinese Mainland:

64 GB: sold 5188 yuan

256GB: 5988 yuan for sale

512GB: 7588 yuan for sale


64 GB: starting at $649

256GB: $749 for sale

512GB: $949 for sale

12.9iPad Pro price

Chinese Mainland:

64 GB: sold 6388 yuan

256GB: 7188 yuan for sale

512GB: 8788 yuan for sale


64 GB: starting at $799

256GB: $899 for sale

512GB: $1099 for sale

The conference site, Cook first appeared on the stage, the conference will bring to spending 6 to update the contents of

First of all, tvOS, tvOS already has more than 50 partners, and Amazon will officially join the tvOS camp later this year

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017


The second part of the general assembly is Apple Watch. Apple released the new watchOS4 system, Siri dial (according to the recommendation, the activities of users to Timeline automatic intelligent situation will be a movie ticket, weather, news and other information, memory arrangement) and dial dial member Kaleidoscope Toy Story.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

For fitness loving users, watchOS4 can synchronize data with fitness equipment with NFC capabilities, a new design of the UI interface presentation, and AirPods cooperate more closely

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

The official version of watchOS 4 will arrive this fall and will be available today for download from the developer beta


The third thing about the conference is about Mac. First of all, Apple has released a new generation of macOS systems, macOS High Sierra.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Specifically, Safari in macOS High Sierra on the browsing speed faster than the Chrome 80%, the new AutoPlay is simply a shielding function, can automatically identify the video or play a sound “. Time is a kind of intelligent tracking tracking information shielding technology based advertising.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Document management system, Apple File System official landing macOS, to achieve more high-speed and stable file movement function

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Other aspects, macOS High Sierra optimized window layout and cross-border query function. Own gallery editing function, while increasing support for HTC VIVE

Products also ushered in the update, launched the hardware configuration to enhance the iMac and MacBook, MacBook Pro, and made a cut, the price side as shown

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Surprisingly, Apple launched a new product called iMac, iMac Pro, iMac configuration, Pro uses a dual fan cooling scheme, VEGA Series graphics card, the highest 128GB ECC memory, 4TB SSD solid state hard disk at the same time, there are 8 core, 10 core, 18 core processors are available, 4999 yuan from the sale.


The following is the new iOS 11, first of all, in the new iOS 11, users can iMessage, using Apple Pay to achieve personal transfers.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

In addition more language support in iOS 11 Siri translation and Siri sounds more anthropomorphic.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

In iOS 11, brings a more powerful control center, accounted for almost the entire page area, and the advantage is that, when you no longer need to slide in the volume, can be resolved on one screen, with 3D and Touch can achieve more.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Gallery, the new live photo editing capabilities, including dynamic editing cycle

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

In the map application, iOS 11 new indoor map, at the same time for the car owners launched a drive disturbance mode, automatic turn off notifications in the user when driving.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

In HomeKit, added support for speakers, through the new Air Play 2 protocol, you can control a number of speakers equipment

Apple Music has added social features, so you can always see what your friends are listening to

In iOS 11, App Store redesigned version of the App Store App audit speed is greatly improved, complete the examination within 24 hours, and even some App audit needs only 2 hours. The new version of the App Store design style is somewhat similar to the previous Apple Music.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Finally, apple brought us a AR software, —-ARkit, from the live demonstration, the effect is very good

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

At the end of this section, Apple also mentioned special features for Chinese users, such as camera integrated scanning, two-dimensional code function, anti spam messages, take mobile phone number as Apple, ID and so on


To the fifth part of the conference, Apple launched a new iPad Pro, this iPad Pro uses a 10.5 inch screen, but the body size and 9.7 inches version of iPad is basically the same

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

The refresh rate, the new iPad Pro adopted 120Hz screen refresh rate, with iOS 11 can play HDR video, Apple Pencil can reach the minimum 20ms delay, and dynamically adjust the refresh rate according to different display content

Configuration, the new iPad Pro A10X SoC.GPU first 6 core to 12 core, 30% speed display, to enhance the effectiveness of 40% support, wide color gamut, HDR shooting, 600 nits brightness, the TuneTone display.

IOS 11 redesigned the Dock column on iPad, and in any program, the topic “Dock” column, so that screen operation is more convenient

Yesterday’s exposure of Files is also officially unveiled, allowing users to more quickly access files in the device, while Files supports cloud services, the domestic Baidu cloud, Tencent cloud can be used


The last part of the conference, Apple’s smart impression after the exposure of the official debut ____ is a product called HomePod.

Elementary introduction to WWDC2017

HomePod has gray and white options, built-in 7 units plus a subwoofer, equipped with a A8 chip, you can adjust the playback mode according to the size of the room, so that the music is full of the whole room.

HomePod also has six different microphones, in addition to music, you can ask HomePod questions about news, weather, blogs, translations, and so on.

Price, the HomePod price of $349, will be in December, Britain, Australia and Australia (starting without China) officially released