End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

The development trend of mobile market surging, many people will ask iOS development prospects of such problems, today I just fudge it in my eyes the future, pure subjective irrational love, see.

How about Swift

Swift is good, just as good as your ex girlfriend.

End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

thanks to Swift’s open source, as well as Apple’s appeal, swift development is very good. Has been unanimously approved by the majority of developers. Apple also attaches great importance to their own, some of the new lib and app has been prepared using swift. Foreign manufacturers such as Uber, LinkedIn has been developed with swift for a long time.

These actions prove that Swift is not a toy language can be bold in the development of the use of. Although there are still ABI instability, and Xcode index will make people feel slow and other issues. But compared to the huge progress of OC, more developers chose to endure, I hope apple can continue to optimize.

But OC’s runtime is still no substitute, from a business point of view there is no reason to ban it. So they still exist for a while. But I believe that swift shares more than OC of the node will soon come.

I think a lot of people insist on OC because they only OC.

End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

The mobile market is saturated

2008 Apple released the first SDK, the same year at the end of Android 1 release. Mobile development year. Mobile development from scratch, has been throughout all aspects of life. From this year’s mobile phone shipments and observation around it is easy to get this conclusion: the rapid growth of mobile development cake has ended.

What does that mean? In a rapid growth in the industry, talent must be in short supply. So the company was forced to accept a lot of novice, very friendly to the new. I believe we have witnessed the past one or two years of employment miracle: an individual can.

So for a lot of people just for life: the door is closed. You go on chasing the next boom. Heard that JavaScript to unify the world, or you go to 21 days to learn a front?

Now, the mobile development will not It is all up with it?
students, I’m afraid it is not a mobile development, you can not.

In the wave of mobile Internet traffic in front of the desktop, when asked about the time in 2008, the number of people sitting in front of the computer network? Look now, WeChat active users in the quarter more than 500 million. Although iOS’s share of only 10 percent. But this can not be ignored by more than 10 percent, the company whenever there is a mobile business will certainly do iOS client.

So the iOS market is still there, and not a small cake.

Hybrid? Yeah, we’re gonna have to take our jobs

End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

in a few years before the development of mobile, want to do in the mobile terminal function only Native app such a way. But business is like this, and as demand grows, there will always be efficiency or some automation.

I believe many people have seen a similar article: you do not need to develop a app only need a public number on it. Some time ago WeChat launched a small program has not seen the world’s eating melon people who are excited about. In fact, this is just an economic account. Now for the product, there are more choices. If a product’s own ability to native requirements are very low, of course, will choose a cheaper way.

In addition to WeChat small program embedded in the WeChat program. By the traditional web side initiated the new technology Progressive Web App is also very worthy of attention. Simply put, web can also have a convenient channel to generate a local app, get some push, local storage and other capabilities.

Progressive Web App (hereinafter referred to as PWA) to provide a new territory for traditional web. Some products in addition to select the public number, you can also choose web app! At the Qcon conference in Shanghai at the end of October on the fortunate encounter the front end of the legendary hax (domestic front I only take hax). He said, “I have twenty years of experience in front of the” I kneel. Hax told me that PWA has a technical advantage. Although the next few years, the major manufacturers do not know what the final mobile development will become a pattern for commercial purposes. But PWA will have its place.

A little bit of frustration is that iOS does not currently support pwa. Apple announced last year that it will support this standard in 5 years, but in addition to other manufacturers have been fully supported by apple, Android is now supported. So even though it hasn’t happened yet, there will be new developments in the near future.

In short, many mobile products no longer need to develop a native app.

End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

However, do not be sad too early, and perhaps even worse?

React Native VS Weex

I think the people who use RN finally cry. Come on, I know you’ll be stubborn.

End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

In the first place. Do you believe that Jack Ma or 404 Berg?

End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

The Qcon’s biggest harvest is to know that RN is a pit.
RN now has a mishap:

  • Packet cannot be updated incrementally
  • Long list has not been optimized (catastrophic tableview cell no reuse)
  • Do not support web
  • Debug? Black question mark

Of course, these can not be achieved, yes, you can achieve the above three problems. But what if there is a ready plan?

Yes, Ali’s weex is already in front of RN. I don’t know whether it’s Ali’s 996 or more of his dad’s money, but that’s the truth. RN is a pure open source project, so it is impossible to have a killer RN function in the future weex. Who is faster than walking, look farther.

We have to have confidence in the development of mobile, our strength is already a world-class.

So, unfortunately for native news came: even the native app, a lot of features to the front end to achieve. This account is very clear: the original need a front, a iOS, a Android. Now only need to write the front. Rough calculation saves three of the cost of two. But just like Java anywhere at the start of the run. What technology has its application scenarios, not everyone can use this technology.

However, according to my observation, in the optimization of the performance of the problem, there are a lot of pages in a app does not really need to write native, with this weex solution can be solved. And improve the efficiency of development is so obvious that there will be a large number of pages in the future no longer need to write native code version.

I don’t think my words are strong enough. I’ll say it again:

End of 2016 chat iOS development in the future

50% of native demand will be replaced by weex in the future.

I heard that you are very sad now? Don’t be too sad, maybe there’s more…..

The future of mobile developers

First of all, you have to accept the fact that we are living in an era of rapid technological change. Unfortunately, the software industry is the most drastic changes in all industries. Moore’s law doubles every 18 months. In what other industries can be doubled every two years and continue for decades?

In other words, the choice of software development, in the past twenty years, in addition to C++, C, Java is still a lot of demand, the choice of other technologies or languages have gone through the ebb and flow. So how many languages have programmers since then? Therefore, the rise of a technology and then be left out, if the scale of ten years is very normal. Our parents did not believe that state-owned enterprises will be laid off in 70s. You don’t have to be familiar with a technology that can feed you for a lifetime.

How do you understand programming?

A technology or a programming language is only a tool. So you use chopsticks, then you came to the western restaurant, you can not eat only a knife and fork? You deserve starvation.

Image: StarCraft 2- legacy of the void.