Excel Formula about returning TRUE and FALSE

I am making an internet manager using excel formulas, got problems about hours and minutes formulas. Can you please help me with TOTAL FEE ?.

NOTE: 5-30 mins = $5 and 1 hour = $10

My Formula for TOTAL FEE “=IF(OR(F3=5, F3>=30), 5, (3*H3)+(E3*60+F3)/60*G3)”

Thanks !

I believe this is what you need:

TOTAL FEE "=IF(AND(F3>=5, F3<=30), 5, (3*H3)+(E3*60+F3)/60*G3)"

However, you still should edit your question as mentioned in comments.

If you want to charge for printing services no matter the duration, check this:

TOTAL FEE "=IF(AND(F3>=5, F3<=30), 5, (E3*60+F3)/60*G3)+(3*H3)"

You need:


This checks to see if the number of minutes is between 5 and 30 and, if so, pays $5, if not, it calculates the proportion of the hourly rate from the number of minutes.

Then is adds on the pay for the number of hours worked.

However, this doesn’t work properly for minutes from 1-4 it will need to be modified to take this into account.