Fetching users with id==1 from a csv file using java spark

I have a file “userRating” with following data

id , name , gender , rating

I have to create an rdd that contains user with id=1.

I am doing programming in spark using java

Better you can try filter() method to take a value of first index from CSV file

If I assume that userRating is the name of a CSV file. You can first convert the CSV to DataFrame (using https://github.com/databricks/spark-csv) and then filter on the id you are looking for.

import org.apache.spark.sql.SQLContext

SQLContext sqlContext = new SQLContext(sc);

DataFrame df = sqlContext.read()
.option("inferSchema", "true")
.option("header", "true")

JavaRDD<Row> rdd = df.where(df.col("id").equalsTo(1)).javaRDD();