Give some advice to the missing JAVA, or you’ll end up being a high paying architect

Recently many people occasionally asked me, how to become a highly paid architect, and one of them is on the current state of confused. I’m here to give you a brief explanation, or a little help for you in your confusion.

Are you confused at the moment?

There are many people who feel very boring about their present job, because the current work is entirely to achieve business, no technical improvements. In this state will feel confused, especially when I think of the future, this confusion is even more intense.

It is better to worry than to be confused, and as time goes by, your technique is not improving, so you feel worried.

There are two kinds of people here:

* get along, spend the day, count the day

This one, I’m just talking about it, it doesn’t make sense. I’ve met many of these colleagues, too. Such programmers have been wasted.

* want to improve your skills and work toward the architect.

Private letter to me, this is a most. First of all, we can see that these people have their own ideals, and they will put them into practice. I want to go in the direction of the architect, but I don’t know how to become a skeleton teacher. Without change, such programmers may also be wasted.

I would like to borrow this article and talk about the architect, this topic is purely personal understanding, and right, wrong, worry free.

Give some advice to the missing JAVA, or you'll end up being a high paying architect

Definition of architect?

Individuals feel that architects need to have the following characteristics:

Breadth of knowledge: need to know why the mainstream technology was born, and what problems can be solved? What are the advantages and disadvantages if the same business is not implemented using the same technology? For example: the popular ORM framework, Mybatis and hibernate, what are the advantages and disadvantages between them? A clear understanding will allow you to make the right decision in technical modeling.

Abstract power: abstracting business and technology. The business abstraction is the analysis of requirements and the ability to create perfect entity classes and their relationships. Technical abstraction is a layering of the overall architecture, the interaction between the layers. This is critical if technical abstractions are inadequate, which can lead to inflexible, difficult maintenance and extension of the entire system.

Depth of knowledge: at least a domain expert, such as a message queue, activeMQ, familiar with its source code, and know its implementation.

Excellent learning ability: learn new technologies and cutting-edge technologies, and use them to solve business problems at work.

So, how do you do that? I think it can start with the following steps:

1: solid JAVA foundation, Think in Java introduced content can understand, do this step congratulations become a programmer.

2: skilled use of mainstream framework, such as: mybatis, spring and so on.

3: have studied at least one kind of web framework source code, such as spring, MVC, struts and so on.

4: build or participate in excessive concurrent system design, know how to deal with unexpected situations.

5: to their business, according to their own knowledge dimensions, put forward optimization suggestions, or predict their risk points.

Actually, being an architect has a lot to do with opportunities, such as a programmer who has done it all the time, but the company has not given him the chance to do it, a real architectural opportunity. Because before the architect does not leave the office, he does not have the opportunity, this is the reality!

A lot of people don’t know how to learn the knowledge that architects need, and here I share my video tutorials for my collection:

Give some advice to the missing JAVA, or you'll end up being a high paying architect
Give some advice to the missing JAVA, or you'll end up being a high paying architect
Give some advice to the missing JAVA, or you'll end up being a high paying architect

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Note: adding group requirement

1, with 1-5 working experience, the face of the current popular technology, I do not know where to start, need to break through technical bottlenecks can be added.

2, stay in the company for a long time, easy to live, but job interview rebuffed. Need to study in a short time, job hopping, high salary can be added.

3, if there is no work experience, but the foundation is very solid, the Java working mechanism, commonly used design ideas, commonly used java development framework master skilled, you can add.

4, I feel very cattle B, general demand can be done. But the knowledge is not systematic, it is difficult to continue breakthroughs in the field of technology can be added.

5., Ali Java senior Daniel live broadcast, to explain the knowledge, knowledge sharing, many years of work experience combing and summarizing, with all of you, fully and scientifically establish their own technical system and technical knowledge!