How to refresh java changes in xpages

I am developing an application on xpages, with Domino version 9.0.1 FP8. This is the first application in which I have developed a call to java classes through a one-button SSJS event. But specifically I am consuming a web service using the technique presented in the article. What I noticed is that every time I change something that has a direct relationship with java, such as the java classes created and stored in the java folder of the designer or in the call of the web service method inside the SSJS event, an error is listed below . The only way to solve the problem, at least until now is to restart the Domino server. It’s no use clearing the project, rebuilding it, and restarting http.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Is there any command on the Domino server that reflects this change? Is there any parameter in the application that I have to configure?

As we can see from the error below, it seems that it does not find the web service client classes that are located in a jar in the application jar folder.

HTTP JVM: java.lang.NullPointerException
HTTP JVM:   at

To solve your specific issue, issue res task http at the console. There are other workarounds posted in the comments to the main question that may be more practical for your situation though.

As a workaround you can rename the jar file when you make changes to it, import the renamed jar file and delete the old jar file. This way Domino will see the changes in the jar file.

I am using the rename trick whenever I make changes to code assembled in a jar file.