IMate – iOS Development Assistant

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IMate, iOS development auxiliary software, installation, run App, see the App run, generate files, delete the excess Simulator and other auxiliary files, save SSD space

As the user said:

I, tried, a, couple, of, similar, apps (OpenSim,… But, this one). Does alllllll I want. Finds the corresponding folders of my current Xcode project, install/uninstall apps and find these f***ng folders that uses of my SSD to store 50% archives that I (as an active GIT user don t need. Thanks) to the developer for the clear concept

Go to the official website
, click download
Mac App Store (iMate Lite)

major function

  • View the App and run the total generated files in the device and emulator
  • Install, run, delete APP in Simulator
  • Check out the files generated in the Build and Archeve process and delete those files that are no longer in use. Save space
  • Cut out some unused Simulator to save space

Graphic introduction

  1. Open the device or emulator App Datas folder to see the IPA file
    IMate - iOS Development Assistant
    Open support file applied in the simulator
  2. Open Xcode, Supports files, Archives, build, DerivedData, and iOS device helper files
    , IMate - iOS Development Assistant,
    , Xcode, suport, file
  3. Install, run, delete, apply, run, and delete Simulator
    IMate - iOS Development Assistant
    RunApp in Simulator