IMessage and Sticker Pack APP development

One, iMessage

IMessage made a lot of changes in iOS 10, improve some of the original problems, plus a lot of new features. On some special effects, it’s more powerful than WeChat.

IMessage instant messaging software developed by Apple Corp, you can send text messages and video, which has a very high level of security. IMessage is different from carrier SMS / MMS service. Users only need to support data through WiFi or cellular data network, so they can complete the communication. Using iMessage iOS, Mac OS new message alert system, information can be pushed directly to each other on the screen, regardless of is in the game or lock screen, if both sides are using iMessage, you can even see each other is speaking state. What is most commendable is that iMessage has ultra high security, and it is said that even FBI can hardly decrypt the information in Message.


(1), you can use iMessage with any iPhone, iPod using iPad, touch or Lion users running Mountain Mac users to send and receive messages, messages can include pictures, video, location information and contact information etc..

(2) iMessage uses traffic to send messages, so there is no SMS communication cost.

(3) iMessage can send messages to a person individually, or send messages to a group.

(4) iMessage has message receipt, that is to say, the message received by your receiver has not been received and whether it has been read or received is to judge the state of the message.

(5) the color of the bubbles, blue or green, can be used to distinguish between sending messages using iMessage or text messaging.

Note: when sending content in iMessage mode, the other party also opens the iMessage service.

New characteristics

(1) the collection of instant messenger software, the communication experience will become more lively and interesting.

(2), adding many similar software in common but again face stickers, Emoji amplification and other elements, also has created the news, apple Watch Digital Touch transplantation in Apple and other fun communication elements.

(3) the set permissions of the read receipt have been refined to the individual, no longer a unified default.

(4), iMessage can be associated on the other iPhone app, such as Apple Music can share the music, Sogou input method and the expression of the package can be used to send maps facial expressions, so access to the iMessage APP will be full of endless possibilities.

(5) the head of the chat page is not simply the name of the person in the address book, as well as the portrait of the characters.

(6) very powerful bubble effects (shock, zoom, shrink, invisible ink).

(7) very powerful handwriting input, the special effects of handwriting input, and the editing after shooting photos are very powerful.

Two, Sticker, Pack, APP

First, create a iMessage Application

IMessage and Sticker Pack APP development

Here we begin by introducing the Sticker Pack APP project composition.

IMessage and Sticker Pack APP development

Override func willBecomeActive (with conversation: MSConversation), this method is to enter the extended app activated (official explanation: when the expansion will be moved from inactive to active state call)

IMessage and Sticker Pack APP development

Override func didResignActive (with conversation: MSConversation) method and the above method is just on the contrary, it is necessary to enter the Battlefury app call outside the state (the official explanation: when calls from the active to inactive state.)

Override func didReceive (_ message: MSMessage, conversation: MSConversation) / / receive information

Override func didStartSending (_ message: MSMessage, conversation: MSConversation)
/ / to send

Override func didCancelSending (_ message: MSMessage, conversation: MSConversation) / / cancel sending

Override func willTransition (to presentationStyle: MSMessagesAppPresentationStyle) / / will be excessive, can change the style of

Override func didTransition (to presentationStyle: MSMessagesAppPresentationStyle) is
/ / over

Send a message and picture

The session object / / activeConversation

ActiveConversation,.InsertText (“Hello iMessage”, “completionHandler: {” (error), “in print” (insert information success)})

/ / insert a look

ActiveConversation,.Insert (stickers[0], completionHandler:, {(error) in, print (insert picture success)})

The stickers[0] here is an array of MSSticker class objects, and the objects of MSSticker contain emoticons.

—-&gt, and next, do a facial pack of iMessage APP’s demo, stay tuned!!