IOS 10.3 internal application score SKStoreReviewController

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IOS 10.3 opens a new interface that allows users to score within applications without jumping to App Store.

IOS 10.3 internal application score SKStoreReviewController
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Apple open interface

The official
SKStoreReviewController mentioned in the original search this class, this class in the XCode 8.3 inside, found him in the StoreKit framework, and provides a kind of method.

+ (void) requestReview;

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Click on the link above to jump to the XCode document in API to see the relevant interface. Here, I’ll probably translate the content described in the document.

  • Calling the interface in development mode displays the scoring window.
  • The display logic of this interface is apple controlled (you call this interface, but it doesn’t necessarily show up).
  • It is not recommended to pop the scoring window by clicking the button.

Usage method

First, target -&gt in engineering, General -> Link Frameworks and Libraries -> add StoreKit.framework

Inside import / need to use this interface to a framework of #import < StoreKit/StoreKit.h> [SKStoreReviewController requestReview]; / / call method;