IOS APP shelves were rejected " tragedy "

IOS app submitted to the Apple audit, there will always be a lot of audit does not pass through the sad situation, the first day of work is not very busy today, it is dedicated to the collection of the online submission of APP to app store refused reasons

First, we must carefully read the official APP Store audit guide
App Store audit guide

IOS APP shelves were rejected " tragedy "
pictures from Jane book App

Metadata error

  1. Test account login root does not go up, this pit what! So, advance and server colleagues say, do not delete the test account or on-line audit process must not be a formal database crash!
  2. When a screenshot is just a screenshot of the boot page or boot page (welcome page), Apple will assume that the APP screenshot does not fully reflect the use of your application.
    please modify your screenshot to ensure that they are accurately reflected in the use of the application.
    note: because your iTunes Connect state is metadata rejected, it does not require a new binary. Just need to re 100% Command +
    S to go to the emulator screenshot APP content

Two. Procedures have significant bug

The program cannot be started, or quit. If the program has been rejected crash. Modify the bug can be re launched on the line. Do not avoid this situation, before the shelves have to test OK.

Three. Audit status is a formal environment, do not have test data

Note: the
data also do not have any “trial”, “demonstration”, “trial”, or “test” versions of word, must speak with the server when the official library colleagues, on-line data, test words of English words even pinyin is best not to be refused.

Four. Updated version

Update this is a sensitive word, apple audit can see the light to kill, then our products must be required and Android needs these features

my logic is that online open, during the audit to shield the corresponding online version of the need to give me a background field, when the audit is 0, after the line is 1

Five. VIP members bypass Apple’s payment channels

Bypass Apple payment channels, we present the project in a suspected VIP function within the application fee, but only WeChat and Alipay to pay payments, did not use apple to pay, refused to return the mail directly, is a member of screenshots.

and updated version of the same idea: online open, during the audit to shield the corresponding online version of the need to give me a background field, when the audit is 0, after the line is 1

Six. Choose the correct rating

Before a friend did a app is more suitable for adult marriage audience. Age is too low, said to have adult content, was rejected

Shelf failure, mail reply: your choice of rating, 4 +, inconsistent with the content of your application. Since your app is primarily a dating app, it is more suitable for adult audiences. Therefore, you must choose a “stimulus” is set to “mature / suggestive themes” in iTunes Connect.

IOS APP shelves were rejected " tragedy "
reasonable check rating

Seven. Start page error

IOS APP shelves were rejected " tragedy "
start page error

This time you need to check the size of the picture is correct, then empty the Launch Screen, the above Launch Image Sourc no longer choose Brand Assets.

IOS APP shelves were rejected " tragedy "

Note: when the default page is not set, the screen is black, there is a certain probability of rejection.

Eight. Browse the web

To browse the web, you must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit JavaScript

Nine. Technical support address

  1. Do not write this kind of address
    micro-blog reason is: can not be landed to access the site as a technical support address.
  2. Technical support website can not open
    reasons: apple can not open, mail Service HTTP Error 503 The service is unavailable.

More APP was rejected Apple reasons to be collected to supplement.