IOS automatic packaging tool + distribution test


Packing has been very painful for me! Especially when you need to provide a test package before the project is on the line! Waste a lot of time per hit! Prior to the company contacted the automatic packaging, did not do in-depth research, some time ago to look at. Finally made a satisfactory automatic packing tool!
now as long as the configuration of the current project path / project name / output IPA package path / _app_key / uKey Dandelion Dandelion, set packing, gently press Command + R, quietly waiting for a minute! You will find that IPA will appear on the path you have set! And automatically uploaded to the dandelion! After the completion of the upload will send text messages and e-mail notification testers! Everything is wonderful!
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Correlation function

The use of the package tool can be automatically opened! After playing the IPA automatically upload dandelion, upload the message after the completion of the use of mail or e-mail notification testers

Usage method

The method is extremely simple!!!
1 configuration of the project path and dandelion Key, 2 set packaging mode, 3.comman+ R

1 find the ProjectConfig.h file, IPA will output the project path / project name package / path / _app_key / uKey Dandelion Dandelion is added to the
IOS automatic packaging tool + distribution test
project file name / path / path / _app_key/ uKey.png
2 Dandelion Dandelion set packing mode, support Debug mode and Release
IOS automatic packaging tool + distribution test
.Png 3 set packing mode press command+R waiting for a package

Matters needing attention!!!

1, to ensure that the project path name, output packet path is correct
2 Xcode panel BuildSettings is set to ensure that the project has been set up and the certificate, certificate is available “currently does not support automatic switching certificate, need to manually set the test package”
IOS automatic packaging tool + distribution test
Xcode to the BuildSettings panel set.Png
3 Certificate currently only supports the use of cocoPods management of the project “the late time do not use cocoPods package management project”

Xcode automation principle

Command line can be packaged! Xcode has the command_line_tools tool, we can use it to call the command line!

Packing operation: to
CD projectPath
2 project path
/usr/bin/xcodebuild -workspace ManMao.xcworkspace -scheme removal project ManMao clean
/usr/bin/xcodebuild -workspace ManMao.xcworkspace -scheme compile the project ManMao -sdk IPhoneOS -configuration Debug build
4 /usr/bin/xcrun -sdk IPhoneOS PackageApplication output package
-v /Users/dym/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ ManMao-gpahzxeycipuigclqbrgtgkockpn/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/ -o /Users/dym/Desktop/ManMao.ipa
curl -F to upload the dandelion “file=@/Users/dym/Desktop/ManMao.ipa” -F “uKey=111111be0a3cc41269c767e65c111111” -F “_api_key=111111b8c9addd49 929274992c111111 “

Upload IPA to Dandelion

IPA there are three ways to dandelion, since we are automated, natural selection of the third ways. Specific reference to the dandelion API: portal
us 1 through the dandelion website upload application of
2 by using
3 Desktop client to upload the Dandelion Dandelion through the open API upload application parameters: /tmp/example.ipa: your IPA path _api_key and uKey for curl -F “file=@/tmp/example.ipa” -F “uKey=***c61d3be0a3cc41269c767e65c19c12f4***” -F “_api_key=***206c75b8c9addd49929274992c1ab37d***” in the dandelion in

Current shortage

At present, the skill is still shallow, can not automatically switch the certificate and the description of the document can only be manually changed, there are friends in this area to understand each other!

Problems encountered

1 CommandLineTools'is command line tools instance solution: Download and install CommandLineTools, open command line input xcode-select --install press enter. Address: 2:xcode-select: error: reference tool'xcodebuild'requires Xcode solution: the reason is that the Xcode path error, open Finder, to find the package path Xcode, open a command line input, Xcode xcode-select --switch /Applications/ following the path of reference website:

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IOS automatic packing and publish script
project.pbxproj, the most familiar stranger “
” command line automatically packaged into a.Ipa file – completely Raiders
IOS licensed automatic packing
about the packing test build setting