IOS | developers, the upcoming iOS11, are you ready?

As usual, iOS launched the latest version of the test version of the apple, I started a new functional experience. In addition to the new features of the internal experience, system changes also developers should be concerned. This article will mainly focus on the changes in the internal system of development, will continue to update!

About Certificates

In Apple’s strong push HTTPS, last October after the update of the app should not many do not support HTTPS. (if you don’t support, well, Apple’s father, you dare not seriously). Because the preparation is not perfect (in fact support different versions of HTTPS for different, commonly known as bug), which things off (not meet Apple’s father’s style).

IOS | developers, the upcoming iOS11, are you ready?
code=-1012 error

, gossip is ok!

After updating your iOS11, your app may have made a mistake on the network request. Ha ha, that’s OK. If the error code is -1012, you can go to the coffee shop and tell the back end colleagues that there is a problem with their certificate configuration

Others to be found, continue to update…