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, complete App@
HackerNews-React-Native, complete with React Native HackerNews client.
WeChat implementation similar to WeChat friend circle or QQ space, comment reply, nine court layout. After processing the keyboard pop-up, locate the comment person who is currently clicking. Another: sliding time, FPS between 57-60, longitudinal enjoyment of silk slip!
iOSAppTemplate high imitation WeChat, iOS application development template, personal summary.
Bilibili_Wuxianda Bilibili
Coding-iOS- client like high imitation Coding iOS client source code
Voice2Note- iOS
Coding-iOS- Coding lazy notes client iOS client source code
Coding-iPad- Coding iPad client source code
Monkey- GitHub third
firefox-iosFirefox for iOS iOS client
RSSRead “read” (iOS open source RSS news reader)
zulip-iosDropbox internal social acquiring company the service provider Zulip, then all open source, this is the iOS App
ChatSecure-iOS- Objective-C XMPP
FirebaseChat- to write a chat application written in Objective-C complete
chat application Meizi- iOS client
PlainReade figure watercress girl R simple reading is a iOS (iPhone + iPad) news client, content grab from cnBeta.COM. During the sale period, it was well received, but because of copyright issues this year, from AppStore shelves, the shelf so far, there are still thousands of people use this App every day. Based on the
ECMobile_iOS ECShop
ECMobile_Universal ECShop client mobile phone mall mall mobile phone client
wikipedia-ios Wikipedia official App based on
Sol have been added to the flat style beautiful weather App
v2exv2ex third iOS client. V2EX is a well-known technology creative site, a community of designers, programmers, and creative people. It is based on the interests of users to create content organizations classified into different nodes, the site depends on the degree of active content in the home sorting position. My
MyOne-iOS “a” iOS client (OC)
WNXHuntForCity By-Objective-C
viewfinder seek the city mobile payment company Square acquired last year photos using Viewfinder open source, including server, iOS and Android
novel-design application code iOS client
breadwalletbreadwallet product interest – bitcoin wallet
GreatReaderGreatReader PDF
Brushes client client weather graphics the application of Painting app for the iPhone read. And iPad.
WordPress-iOSWordPress iOS official client client. I highly recommend the open source project.
TeamTalk TeamTalk. open source IM. I strongly recommend
MessageDisplayKit a similar micro. Letter App’s IM application has the ability to send text, pictures, voice, video, location messages, manage local contacts, share friends, float, make friends, shake, and more interesting features. I recommend learning IM good stuff.
shadowsocks-iOS/tree/2.6.3 Shadowsocks. Github the code tool over the wall has been removed, but the 2.6.3 still retains the
iOS-Oncenote. This is similar to a kind of life impression notes Evernote iOS – day notes Oncenote. I would like to provide assistance and services to more iOS developers. Of course, there are many bug and extensible functional modules in App, and I hope developers will contribute their code strength to this project. You can click on the top right corner of the fork to their own Github warehouse, you can click star real-time attention to the progress of the project.
complete project @
GSD_WeiXin high imitation WeChat
v2ex- V2EX client, news, forums.
wikipedia-ios- wikipedia-ios client.
jetstream-ios-, a Uber MVC framework. It also provides multi-user real-time communication support, once started JetStream back-end services, through the WebSocket protocol, you can set up multi-user real-time communication applications minutes.
DeckRocket- controls and plays the PDF document in Mac through the iPhone in the same WiFi network environment.
ScanBook- sweep books: bar code scanning books can also query, keyword search, meet your taste in books, can also see other people’s reading notes, from different angles to understand.
KYWeibo- call Sina API wrote its own third party micro-blog client.
DouQu_IOS- IOS mobile phone terminal (a funny joke, software) has a complete function of the mobile phone application app.
IT Jianghu iOS client – IT Jianghu iOS client.
CrazyPuzzle- imitate “see pictures guess idioms” App, full-featured, with sound effects, the effect is very good. The game is done using the cocoa framework, without the cocos2d framework.
WhoCall-, who CALL me, iOS calls, information, voice reminders, no jailbreak. (requires iOS 7 and above. ) harassing phone early warning, call home attribution, contact name broadcast, these have Chinese characteristics, user-friendly telephone function, iOS should also have. Phone reminder, private API.
imitation iOS cheetah garbage cleaning (implementation principle + source) – imitation iOS cheetah garbage cleaning (implementation principle + source), using private API. 1
DSLolita- imitate Sina, micro-blog do a app, send Bowen, comments, points like, private chat function.
STPhotoBrowser- high copy Sina micro-blog pictures browser, excellent writing method, easy to expand, low coupling.
GSD_ZHIFUBAO- high imitation version of alipay.
Tropos- Tropos, written by Objective-C open source weather applications, the introduction of a thoughtbot as of today, thoughtbot has contributed 174 open source projects on the GitHub, is really admirable.
SmileWeather- open source weather applications, weather icon is complete.
MVVMReactiveCocoa- GitBucket 2 through the audit, she is my practice in the company for more than a year of MVVM and RAC, the use of spare time to develop third party GitHub client, to the practice of MVVM and RAC iOS to help developers. AppStore address, welcome to download the use of GitBucket and collection MVVMReactiveCocoa. The
Tomate- disk timer allows you to focus more on your work or study. P.S. App Store charging apps (0.99 euro).
, StoveFireiOSMenu-, fire, catering system, iPad, lunch side.
WNXHuntForCity- iOS (Fangcheng for project development ideas and code).
ZYChat-‘s message type extensions for chat interfaces, responding to bound designs.
NiceAppDemo- imitation of the most beautiful applications – the most beautiful piano rhythm effect every day.
meituan- US group 5.7iOS Version (Gao Fang), features include, buy home, high moral map, search nearby gourmet, and show on the map, door-to-door service, businesses, friends share. The application of iOS
MeituanDemo- beauty group application interface construction, the first is the MeituanDemo @ xiegucheng ___.
JFMeiTuan- created the iOS application interface built by the United States group, and the second one is @tubiebutu’s JFMeiTuan.
chuanke- high imitation Baidu pass class iOS version.
SXNews- imitates the news software of NetEase news, and completes the leading navigation page, news detail page, picture browsing page and comment page. The effect is good, compared to all kinds of online circulation and NetEase news, UI architecture related code should be complete, are better.
Monkey- Monkey for GitHub is an open source App for GitHub developers and warehouse rankings. The main increase in the login GitHub function, readily with follow and star, and increase the discovery module, including the GitHub trending, dynamic, showcases and so on.
Uther- chats with stupid aliens and can help you remember”. ITunes download.
high imitation TV- high imitation Betta Betta TV, click on the head scroll view can play video.
LXZEALER- mimic the zealer client, almost all requests in the App is Post, so the contents are fixed, URL loaded, the login function has only done micro-blog’s third party login.
ShiXiSeng_ios- complete app UI framework.
Coding-iPad- Coding-iPad is the official iPad client of @Coding and a complete open source application.
, WFZhiHu-, WFZhiHu, imitation, almost daily, client, app.
react-native-gitfeed- is currently the most practical and concise GitHub client.
phphub-ios- PHPHub iOS client, compatible with both iPhone and iPad.
LeagueofLegends- a hero alliance complete iOS open source project, interface from the play, the game platform of Tencent.
, BTApp-, BTApp, imitation sugar, iOS, App, Demo applications.
iOS complete App resources collection – iOS learners are hoping to get practical training, but a lot of information is only a small part of the code, and can not form a complete App, the author has collected a lot of open source App complete source code here, oh! – Mark’s technology blog,
XCFApp-1-, high imitation kitchen App, Objective-C, Xcode7.2, data caught by Charles, there are interfaces, but also local data. Explanation: about the code being emptied, it will use git, you must understand, tutorial
XCFApp-2- high imitation under the kitchen APP.
YoCelsius- has been on the line of a weather forecast application, almost all interactive animation effect, want to learn animation developers can serve as a reference.
XiMaLaYa-by-HansRove– imitation Himalaya FM, an attempt on the AVFoundation framework, using the MVVM model, tutorial.
DayDayNews imitation NetEase news client, news browsing, video playback, video, imitation Sohu dizzily sister and other popular video player, streaming media playback, automatic monitor screen rotation, to achieve cross screen playback, grab Baidu pictures, waterfall display, night mode, ring channel instant messaging

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this is an open source library, various index database for the development of iOS open source data, open source technology and so on.
GitHub ranked, GitHub search:
to search the directory key, remember to include @, to ensure the uniqueness of the keyword search directory.
, we look forward to working with you to maintain together, but also hope that you can always put forward valuable suggestions (direct submission of issues can). Please users only in accordance with directory structure (even directory structure problems) add three party library, and submit pull request. Directory questions we proposed, issues landlord will change in time.
reference version management dependency management @
GitBook@ Git.
Git GithubRank@
the @
Github desktop client @
Github @ @
command-line Git platform and tool
Github @ @
Git @
project library @ Github browser tool
complete App@
frame response framework@
mixed development @
sample App@
server @ @
background network network connection socket@
Download Network Image acquisition @
network chat @
network test @
“framework network analysis
Other Parsing@
; data storage @
caching database Tool@
serialization @
animation and sideslip right slide back @
gifAnimation@ gesture transitions
multimedia @
two-dimensional code @
streaming audio video @
@ @
video playback video processing
video recording
video @ @ shear
image barrage live @
camera image processing image browsing @
@ image recognition image cache
algorithm for image corner shelves @
Xcode8 @ @
dynamic update App @
update UI@
calendar three party library @
drop refresh @
blur effect chart color @
@ related (TabbleView, Tabbar,
, TableView@ chat interface)
TableView adapter CollectionView@ @

interactive dialogue to hide and show @ WPAP 603001br HUD and Toast@

dialog box @ @
@ notify the status bar navigation bar
set Search@
theme movie @
@ seat selection waterfall
menu @
Tabbar@ @

progress red dot page@
shopping carousel selector the car
UI@ @
other tools to remind the user score @
Color@ compression decompression
Github @
keyboard text Text input @
rich text font multithreading ipad@ @

communication AutoLayout@
learning materials @
@ Kaiyuan summarizes others podcast
development blog list @
CodeLiararyWebSite@ study notes, books
design good articles @
@ art resources for testing and debugging
tool @ Xcode @ plug-in
debug tool interface debugging tools
@ version adaptation WebView and WKWebView@ game
other mail list Library @
three party payment, sharing, login and so on @
message message push client @
message push server please notify the relevant search “dialogue interaction @ @
date time design mode @
@ @
skin international language version of the new API Demo@
code security
VPN@ and password @

@ mac@
deep learning unclassified @
specific content ============ desolate
version management @
@ Git @
dependency management return Git
git-recipesGit recipes use in Chinese. high quality Git
lark how Chinese tutorial. Like
my-git git in the code with Github above
gitignore very useful learning materials like.Gitignore template set (ignoring the uploaded file collection), contains a variety of
Linus on the git- Google language. The General Assembly speech, Linus introduced him to create git, compared to GIT and svn.
Git tutorial – Liao Xuefeng’s official website – the most accessible Git tutorial in history!
git – Concise Guide – to help you get started on the concise guide to git; wood has an advanced content;)
list of commonly used Git commands – the web logs from Nguyen Feng Feng, lists the most commonly used commands for Git.
Pro Git (Chinese version) –
Git Submodule – Git Submodule complete tutorial function has just begun to learn may feel a bit weird, so this tutorial to each step of the operation command and the results are in the form of code show to you, in order to better understand.
Git authoritative guide – Book
git-flow memo list – git-flow is a git extension set that provides high-level library operations according to the branch model of Vincent Driessen.
Git Magic-stanford
Atlassian Git Tutorials- atlassian produced by
Try Git (Interactive) – Interactive teach you to use git
Git (simplified Chinese) -archlinux
Git Community Book Chinese produced version of this book brings together many of the essence of the Git community, its purpose is to help you master the Git.
awesome-github-templates- GitHub issue and pull request tutorial template as soon as possible.
git-recipes- Chinese tutorial Git high quality, excellent articles from foreign community and personal practice of a female employee of
git-it- GitHub to write the Git tutorial, traditional Chinese version can be found here:
Git Town- GitTown defines a number of senior git commands, such as Git ship / git, sync, etc to facilitate the use of GIT
git-tips- tips and tips for the most commonly used Git.
“Githug” Git game clearance process – this command line tool way through the game to practice your Pro Git,
progit2-zh- Git skills second edition,
git-style-guide- git Chinese simplified style guide
Git advanced skills – for the basic use of Git, commit, push, pull know, hope to master Git more function people read.
learn-git-basics- git guide,
, 30 days, proficient in Git version control,
diagrams, Git- diagrams, GIT, the most commonly used commands. If you understand the working principle of git a little, this article can make you understand more thoroughly.
immersion Git- concise GitHub tutorial, each information quantity is not large, you can try.
commonly used in the work of the Git command line – own work in the commonly used Git command line small summary!
python_github_collect_star GitHub collection project star number, fork number, watch number
GitHub Pages Guide – official document translation version of the
GitHub Pages Guide – geeks College – this guide is GitHub Pages GitHub Pages Basics Chinese website translation.
github-cheat-sheet- some cool Git and GitHub collection
Jekyll official document Chinese – pure text into a static blog site
to build a free, unlimited flow of Blog—-github Pages and Jekyll entry – how GitHub is built in the demonstration of Blog, you can master the GitHub Pages from the function, and basic usage Jekyll software. What’s more, you’ll have a whole new idea of building a website.
free to use Jekyll+Github Page to build the blog entry Raiders – Jekyll station
Jekyll learning data in learning at the same time the content of finishing a lot of information for your blog
hexo hexo from National Taiwan University student tommy351, is a Node.js based static blog program, compile hundreds of text only takes a few seconds.
how to set up an independent blog – Github Pages and Hexo concise tutorial – this is a very detailed tutorial to build independent blog, which introduced the domain name registration, DNS, GitHub and Hexo set the setting process.
Hexo Chinese version – hexo version of the
Chinese website like geek blog – a combination of Octopress
GitBook simple tutorial – this tutorial focuses on GitBook installation, use, integrated, personalized books publishing, and practical aspects of it.
Gitbook tutorial – this book will introduce how to install, compile, generate, publish an online book, and all the examples in the windows display (other similar system):
Git – GIT
Gitbook version control teaching use into the door – this book will introduce how to install, compile, generate, release the online book. API document
Git article @

api-guide- gitbook GitHub- to the efficient use of this paper tries to talk about GitHub’s culture, skill and effect of
GitHub combo 500 days: let the ideal programming become accustomed to the view of GitHub – phodal

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