IOS picture more shooting video browsing LLImagePicker amplification

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IOS picture more shooting video browsing LLImagePicker amplification

Basic Requirements

  • IOS 8, or, later
  • Use GitHub on third parties: TZImagePickerController and MWPhotoBrowser and ACAlertController

Implementation function

  • Local pictures, video selection, photography, recording and other one-stop easy to achieve
  • The frame body is a view that has been configured with high altitude and no need to do any processing
  • Framework main situation support: add media, preview, display media, mixed editing (add and preview display, implemented together)
  • Select media support: delete, limit the number of maximum selections, the same media resource, multiple selections, etc.. ,
  • Select the picture from the local album, use the TZImagePickerController; view pictures, video used MWPhotoBrowser; bottom pop-up box to use ACAlertController instead of system shells
  • Custom media model, returns pictures, videos, upload data types, such as: NSData or video path. You don’t have to do anything to get the uploaded data type.

How to add

  • Manual addition
  • Drag the LLImagePicker file into the project
  • Add header file #import “LLImagePicker.h””

Use details (see LLImagePickerDemo example)

Demo directory analysis

  • AddLLImagePickerVC add media demos
  • DisplayLLImagePickerVC preview media demo
  • EditLLImagePickerVC demonstrates adding and previewing mixed choreography
The only method to obtain high initialization / / CGFloat height = [LLImagePickerView defaultViewHeight]; LLImagePickerView *pickerV = [[LLImagePickerView alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake / / initialize (0, 0, [UIScreen, mainScreen].bounds.size.width, height)]; / / the need to show the media resource type, is currently the only local Gallery pickerV.type = LLImageTypePhoto; / / whether to allow the same pictures or video of multiple choice pickerV.allowMultipleSelection = YES; / / as the case to see whether they need to change the height, currently used alone as tableview and header, and to monitor and change the height of [pickerV observeViewHeight:^ (CGFloat height) {}]; / / access at any time to choose a good media file [pickerV observeSelectedMediaArray:^ (NSArray< LLImagePickerModel *> *list) {for (LLImageP IckerModel *model in list) {/ / here to model the data NSLog (@ "% @", model.imageUrlString);}}]; / / add to the control on self.tableView.tableHeaderView = pickerV;

Attribute customization

Some attributes in demo may not be useful, and different settings can achieve different results

  • Type needs to display the resource type of the media, such as displaying pictures only, and the default is LLImageTypePhotoAndCamera
Click the button / custom, want media resource options pickerV.type = LLImageTypePhoto
  • PreShowMedias pre display media array. If you need to display media resources at first, you can first pass in to display, and if you don’t, you can’t assign them.
    incoming if the image type, you can: UIImage, NSString, and the other can be imported to the LLImagePickerModel type
    , including network images and GIF pictures
In the preview or / / before it has picture, need to pass the pre show @[@ pickerV.preShowMedias = "4", "1" @, @ ""];
  • MaxImageSelected pictures, video selection number, including the number of preShowMedias. Default is 9 / / custom selected from the local album in the maximum number of pickerV.maxImageSelected = 5;
  • Does the showDelete show the delete button. Defaults YES / / is general in the preview case set NO pickerV.showDelete = NO;
  • If the showAddButton needs to display the Add button. Defaults is YES / / general case in the Preview settings for NO pickerV.showAddButton = NO;
  • AllowPickingVideo can also choose whether to allow the choice of pictures and video files. Default is NO
    to select local video simply loading that when you need to immediately play the selected local video, a transcoding process will be loaded, please wait (note) / / if you want when choosing pictures, video resources, so can be set to YES pickerV.allowPickingVideo = NO;
  • AllowMultipleSelection will allow the same pictures or videos. Default is YES
    multiple choice if set to NO, then after having selected more than one picture, and can not choose the video (note) / / if you do not want to have selected pictures or video, was selected again, it can be set to NO pickerV.allowMultipleSelection = NO;
  • BackgroundColor background color at the bottom of the collectionView, with special color requirements, can be set separately


  • The code used during the discovery of any problem can be issue at any time
  • If you have any more suggestions or ideas, you can contact me directly, QQ:416997919
  • Feel that the framework of a little help to you, please support, point a praise.
    GitHub address:

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