IOS resume need to pay attention to the problem

HR every day to receive more than 500+ resume, first of all, resume filtering. Equivalent to the brand. Nonsense not to say the following focus:

  1. Resume spelling mistakes: () word mosaic wrong not to mention, direct pass, right down to zero. For example:
    githup/CNDS/Foudation/ConrnerStone/ipone… Play your mother hey, you will not play ah.

The following 2 problems are often sensitive:
Object-C /Objc /ObjectiveC -> Objective-C
ios/IOS/Ios -> iOS
iphone/Iphone/IPhone -> iPhone
StoryBoard -> Storyboard
RunTime – &gt Runtime
AFNetWorking -> AFNetworking
; xCode/XCode -&gt Xcode;
Github -> GitHub
cocoaChina -> CocoaChina
StackOverFlow -> StackOverflow
these don’t appear, please.

  1. A half spaces are left between English words and Chinese, favorability + +, for example:
    “proficiency in iOS development master Objective-C language” vs “proficiency in iOS development master Objective-C language”
  2. Not a word to write “proficient”, do not want to see your resume
    “proficient in Runtime, proficient in OC, proficient in MVC/MVVM, proficient in UI development”, and so on, you fucking tease me. In fact, the work of 3-5 years of work experience can not say that the master, except god. Those who have just graduated, 3 years of work experience or a good consideration.
  3. Students who have just graduated from the project experience is very very few can understand, those three good students, basketball game award, outstanding class cadres and so do not write, HR do not care about these things. (national college students can win this contest)
  4. Skill points can not be entirely listed, such as Runtime, RunLoop, JSON to write a bunch of MVVM, AFNetworking, KVC analysis, everyone is so written, do not see that you just heard, or simply used, or familiar with the practice, or have in-depth study of the source code, it is best to find one or two have in-depth study of the knowledge points a detailed description, see your different.
  5. In blog, the GitHub address of the HR students, sometimes it will get the point to go see, mainly to see if you are on the point of technology has its own understanding, code quality, code style and so on, to see if the bright spot will be very very points. The important thing to say three times, so for the students who work, from now on the accumulation of blog and code for future job search is also very helpful.

Ps: feel good, give a praise ah. Not too much