IOS[swift] a custom camera (added dotted line alignment function)

There is a demand, we run some photos taken of colleagues suspected of users as well as the wrong place, so I made this new demand, similar to verify the identity of that, when shooting the identity card, there is a dotted line alignment box on the camera, allowing users to shoot along the alignment box, to achieve regular photos the content of this demand, let me have to use the original camera has a custom camera… Get out to return… Code words can go to my GitHub Download

Here’s my idea of it, we have to do a need to know its not to know why people (No: [~, facepalm])…

First of all, my custom camera interface is this:

IOS[swift] a custom camera (added dotted line alignment function)

The component part is a camera interface that adds flash, front and rear camera switching, back features, camera features, and a transparent dotted line frame (actually a transparent picture of the background)

I will customize the camera package into a class and then need to use when you can inherit from the class of the controller, the ratio of external frame pictures can be photographed, and then delegate can get this picture and a series of operations well so much ~ specific can download the code to see my notes, easy to use please come a handy star thank you…