jar command in sles 11

this is my first question here, so please tell me, when smth. is missing or not correct 🙂

Our application developer approached to me and asked for a the command jar on our sles ver. 11. He wants to run program, which needs the command “jar”. Certainly, our server is not capable of this command.

Since I am just an apprentice, I don’t have this much knowledge about Linux. But I already tried to install Java multiple times. The server does not have the right Java Version in his yast database and is not connected with the internet. So I have to download the right Java Version and install it manually. I already tried this guide:


installed it with rpm -i but there is still no jar command available. There is also no java process running. And I cannot start any java process with rc …

So here is my problem and I don’t rly hava an answer. I hope you can help.
Telvanis 🙂