Location information has been specified incorrectly in Eclipse

I am new to the SVN(Subversion), After installation of these below plugins in eclipse, I got an error while importing project from repository.

Error while importing project from remote SVN repository

The screenshots suggests that you use an URL that starts with “svn+ssh” on a remote system. According to this that means you try to connect via authenticated, encrypted TCP/IP access via custom protocol to a svnserve server.

There are plenty of reasons why this could fail, so to get closer to a solution you have to increase the “verbosity” of svn output messages, as outlined here for example. If that doesn’t help – you can only dive deep into other similar problems, such as here or there.

  1. Make sure you run Eclipse on Java 8 (today’s SVN repositories usually use longer keys than supported by older Java versions)
  2. You have installed two connectors (implementation of the SVN protocol), JavaHL (native library/DLL + Java API) and SVNKit (100% Java). Choose SVNKit (because it is easier to install/configure): Window > Preferences: Team > SVN: SVN Connector
  3. Make sure your SSH settings (SSH Settings tab in the New Repository Location dialog) are correct or use another protocol.

If this does not fix your problem, consider to update your 2+ years old Eclipse/Subversive/SVNKit installation.