Multiple initial admin or initial admin group

I have few question on Apache NiFi

  1. In NiFi, Can i set more than one user for Initial Admin Identity?

  2. Also, i want to set a group with admin privileges. Can i add groups in Initial Admin Identity property

I have asked to reload authorizers.xml file at runtime
Reload authorizers.xml file at runtime

But it is only startup configuration and cannot be done after started NiFi.

  1. Is there any single REST API to add admin privilege for a user instead of calling multiple APIs for individual policies.

Only a single user can be specified as the Initial Admin Identity. The identity of the Initial Admin will be used to create a user. At this point, that user will be able to manage user/groups and policies. Unfortunately, there is no single endpoint for adding additional Initial Admins. NiFi employs resource based authorization, so it’s up to the Initial Admin to assign users/groups to the policies they see fit. I’d suggest opening the Developer Tools of your browser to see the requests in action.