My AJAX code works only after clearing browser history, how can I change that?

In our web application we are using lot of AJAX calls, and whenever we create a new AJAX call we will have to clear browsing history, otherwise it wont work. How can we change that?

We checked whether the browsing history can be deleted using JS, but answer was no, saying it was user’s burden! So is there a way to make the AJAX work without clearing browser history?

JS function in my JSP

function getExamNames() {
    var processType=document.getElementById("process").value;

    var year=document.getElementById("academicYear").value;
    getExamNameByProcessType("examMap", processType,year, "examId", updateExamName);

Function definition in my JS file

function getExamNameByProcessType(propertyName, 
                                  callback) {
    var args = "method=getExamNameByProcessType&examType=" +processType+"&academicYear="+year;    
    populateSecondOptionsValues(processType, args, destinationProperty, callback);

function populateSecondOptionsValuesExam(sourceId, args, destinationProperty,
        callback) {
    if (sourceId.length != 0) {
        var destinationOption = document.getElementById(destinationProperty);
        destinationOption.options[0] = new Option("- Loading -", "");
        destinationOption.selectedIndex = 0;
        var url = "";         
        requestOperation(url, args, callback);
    } else {
        var destinationOption = document.getElementById(destinationProperty);
        for (x1 = destinationOption.options.length - 1; x1 > 0; x1--) {
            destinationOption.options[x1] = null;

The call later goes to my Java code, where we fetch data from DB. Whenever we publish our application with a newly coded AJAX function, first time it won’t appear in the browser while inspecting using browser tools. Once we clear the history the new code will appear in the inspect window and that’s the time the AJAX works!!