OAuth2AccessTokenSupport throws OAuth2AccessDeniedException on any RestClientException

I need to send request to another service using OAuth2RestService.
Also I need to retry this sending if I run to some connection problems. For retrying I’m using spring Retryable annotation.

            include = [Exception],
            exclude = [OAuth2AccessDeniedException],
            maxAttemptsExpression = 5,
            backoff = @Backoff(delayExpression = 60000))

As you can see I exclude OAuth2AccessDeniedException for non-retrying requests which was misconfigured.

But I run on issue while: when I’m trying to get AccessToken and some connection issue appears it throws OAuth2AccessDeniedException too. Code from OAuth2AccessTokenSupport class is listed below:

catch (OAuth2Exception oe) {
                throw new OAuth2AccessDeniedException("Access token denied.", resource, oe);
            catch (RestClientException rce) {
                throw new OAuth2AccessDeniedException("Error requesting access token.", resource, rce);

So my questions are:

1) Does this behavior normal or it is a issue of Spring Security?

2) If it’s not an issue could you provide me how I can handle such situations?