On the advantages and disadvantages of agile development

Enter the ranks of the software development time is not short, but also used a lot of project management software and methods, but in the process of using more or less will encounter some problems, more or less colleagues will also have the corresponding experience. A recent trial of HUAWEI’s latest project management tool, the HUAWEI software development cloud, has come into contact with agile development and produced some ideas. The following is the use of experience, for peer reference only.

First, several features and advantages of agile development technology:

1. individuals and interactions are better than processes and tools

2. software that works is better than full documentation

3. customer cooperation is better than contract negotiation

4. responding to change is better than following schedule

Two, the 12 principles of agile development technology:

1. our priority is to satisfy our customers by delivering valuable software as early as possible and continuously.

2., even after the development of the late, also welcome to change demand.

3. deliver software that can work regularly. The delivery interval can range from a few months to a few months. The shorter the delivery interval, the better.

4. during the whole project development, business people and developers must work together every day.

5. build projects around individuals that are motivated.

6. within the team, the most effective and efficient way to deliver information is to talk face to face.

7. software for work is the primary metric of progress.

8. agile processes promote sustainable development speed.

9. constant attention to good skills and good design enhances agility.

10. simple, to maximize the unfinished work.

11. the best architectures, requirements, and designs come from self-organizing teams.

12., at regular intervals, the team will reflect on how to work more effectively and then adjust their behavior accordingly.

Three, the scope of agile development technology

1., the number of project teams can not be too much

2. projects often change

3. high risk project implementation

4., developers can participate in decision-making

According to the above three points, can be summed up:


Agile is indeed the project into the real development iteration phase, and users will soon be able to see a baseline architecture version of the product. Agility pays attention to the market quick reaction ability, that is, the concrete coping ability, and the customer’s pre – satisfaction is high.


But agile pay attention to personnel communication, ignore the importance of documentation, if the project personnel flow too big, but also to maintain a lot of difficulty, special projects exist novice relatively long time, old staff more tired.

People who need strong experience in the project are not likely to encounter bottleneck problems in the project.

Combined with HUAWEI software development cloud, they provide two ways to create the project: Scrum and Scrum streamlined, you can combine their different habits, choose the right team of their own approach, this is good.

On the advantages and disadvantages of agile development

At the same time, HUAWEI software development cloud, in document and encyclopedia management, also added its own characteristics, effectively avoid the disadvantages of traditional agile development. We may as well try, and follow what suggestions and ideas, welcome to discuss.