Open source, a complete iOS App “Tintin beauty map” for your reference learning

Learning iOS development benefits from a large number of open source projects in the open source community.
last year to buy a personal developer account, wrote this hand “Tintin beauty map” project, and uploaded to App Store (the Ipad version was rejected to deal with).
now open the code for beginners to learn it.
a beautiful map display of APP, using the famous photo sharing site 500PX ( image data source, had written it is to learn the whole concept for development of APP release process. At the same time, I personally like to see some beautiful pictures, so I started developing this APP. At that time, iOS development was not long, and the technology was not mature enough. However, the code specification has become a habit since then and is considered suitable for beginners to learn.
Github source code download address:
AppStore installation address: ls=1& mt=8

Open source, a complete iOS App
Open source, a complete iOS App

You can learn the following third party framework from App using
1.SDWebImage (the famous picture of network request (2.SVPullToRefresh framework)

3.MBProgressHUD (frame drop-down refresh), suggesting that
4.FlatUIKit loading frame (UI) flat framework)
5.ShareSDK (third share) you can learn from the
OC project App
1.OC basic skills the basic use of the
code structure and the standard 2
3.MVC architecture
4.Storyboard clear automatic layout (screen, iPhone and iPad
support) 5.UICollectionViewController images
6.ResideMenu pop-up left sidebar

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Open source, a complete iOS App