Regex for EIN number and SSN number format in jquery

For jquery validation i need regex for SSN number format and EIN number format

EIN number like 52-4352452

SSN number like 555-55-5555

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I have a textfield and the user enters the SSN number. While entering itself it should format. Like On the change of the textField… it should format 999-999-999 in this way on the display itself.

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New Rules to validate US social security number(SSN)

I need to validate US SSN number. Currently I have below rules: Should be 9 digits long. Not allowed are SSNs with all zeros in any digit group (000-xx-####, ###-00-####, ###-xx-0000). Not allowed


For EINs, this will return true if it is valid:


To restrict it to actual prefixes, use this regular expression instead:


However, please note that if new prefixes are added this will not be up to date.