[Silicon Valley asks] initial impressions of WWDC 17: developers

[Silicon Valley asks] initial impressions of WWDC 17: developers


Each year’s WWDC is a collective climax for iOS developers. The first day of the WWDC brings a new iOS 11, MacOS, tvOS and watchOS, the revolutionary AR and ML applications, and more iPad, Pro and iMac “hardware animal intelligent speaker HomePod. I want to talk about the impressions and feelings of this conference from the developer’s point of view. You are welcome to discuss your views in the comments.

machine learning

I’m afraid that no words of high frequency Machine Learning, it is also the key words throughout each platform: watchOS dial, macOS photo stream classification, prediction, context translation, Siri, direct recognition and search handwritten notes, even Mac series chip and Metal updates have expressed support for machine learning. Face recognition on iPhone is even 6 times faster than Google Pixel. As can be seen, machine learning has completely integrated into the Apple platform, full application, full hardware.

And as a developer, what excites me most is the release of MLKit. Apple brings its own model, you can just keep feeding it with data. This means that our future App will become more dynamic – with the increasing use of users, App will become increasingly intelligent and powerful.

The original route is App -&gt -> user feedback; product line manager -&gt analysis; App update; -&gt programmer optimization; the future route may be released App -&gt -> user feedback; machine learning -> App update. The Apple also launched a rapid review (40 minutes over the trial, v-mobile cycling team has verified) and two functions of gray release, perhaps is to give the machine learning update App able to pave the way. At present, Apple released API mainly supports visual recognition, natural language and game AI.

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[Silicon Valley asks] initial impressions of WWDC 17: developers

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Over the years, virtual reality has undergone roller coaster changes. The first was the capital crazy chase, manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC invested heavily, SONY is also taking advantage of the launch of the PlayStation VR; then Pokemon Go fire, like virtual reality and augmented reality of the year has come; suddenly, Facebook Oculus line 200 experience store closed; virtual reality as the music department until the collapse of leave; the month of Google IO, Day Dream update is also mediocre. Everyone thinks, VR/AR is just a concept of speculation, at best in the game to play icing on the cake effect.

To this day. As the year of the Prussian unification of Germany, apple played in be long in coming, but surprise four.

Metal is 20 times more than the current performance of the image processing technology, the chip upgrades and hardware iMac animal Pro, AR/VR’s ambitions for apple in the daylight. Show star wars VR and iOS 11 AR site instant battlefield completely changed my knowledge of AR — you know, this is no heavy headgear, special mobile phone, the direct use of iPad to complete.

Similarly, Apple has launched a new ARKit for developers to use. With powerful sensors on the iPhone and iPad, and the new GPU and CPU, our developers can use ARSession, the shared single instance, to create huge scenes for 2D and 3D on the camera.

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[Silicon Valley asks] initial impressions of WWDC 17: developers

Swift and Xcode 9

Swift is no doubt a top concern for developers. As Apple’s ambition, Swift has introduced a lot of very advanced ideas. However, to my disappointment, this time Keynote did not mention anything about Swift and Xcode 9.

However, from the scene, Swift this update is mainly API optimization, the existing standard library has 11 updates and 1 new additions, mainly concentrated in the basic data types and file systems.

The updates found on Xcode are mainly multiple simulators running at the same time (chicken ribs, cards), localization, runtime, debug tools, continuous integration, and source code management. Special tribute to meow God, whose VVDocumenter is integrated into Xcode 9.

We can only expect a further update on Swift 4 at the apple conference in autumn. What’s interesting is that before Swift’s father, Christ, Lattner wrote a summary: Chris Lattner’s summary of Swift 3 and its vision of Swift 4. In addition, if you are concerned about swift-evolution’s open source library, the new features of Swift 4 should be evident.

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IOS 11

The iOS 11 update can be described as complete and thorough. Upgrade from basic functionality to App, add new features, and then to iPad platform UI refactoring. The main focus is on these aspects.


Create a new iOS system for iPad, multitasking, sub screen, UI, Docker toolbar. The introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality, and support for machine learning. In general, consumers are happy and developers have new things to play with. At the same time, I think iPad is becoming more and more Macbook.


  • App Store new design
  • Files file management software release
  • Open Apple Music
  • Apple Pay new transfer function, pay attention to the NFC API interface open, is it more convenient for Apple Pay access to other App?
  • The Apple map continues to run after the Google map
  • IMessage expansion in garish
  • HomeKit additional audio (HomePod) support

new function

  • Drag and Drop (dreams come true)! )
  • Taking photos and screenshots (scanning the file is really a big App)
  • Chinese special add: two-dimensional code and Shanghai dialect identification

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[Silicon Valley asks] initial impressions of WWDC 17: developers

TvOS, watchOS 4, MacOS

The update of these three platforms can be said to be “good” and “good” (except for Machine, Learning and AR). Basically, more content (adding Amazon), more dazzling, more convenient UI (Sports interface and music interface), and more drag name (yes, the new MacOS is called High).

What is worth mentioning is Apple File System. In fact, the file system was announced last year, but not in Keynote. This year apple used it to replace the old HFS+ in full, replacing it with higher performance, better security, and more space. This is mainly the use of copy-on-write and space sharing technology.

Apple also opened up FileProvider API, developers can use it to document a variety of basic operations in the new Apple File based on System, such as drag and drop can achieve such cross function of App through its corresponding extension.

[Silicon Valley asks] initial impressions of WWDC 17: developers

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The WWDC, apple is said to be playing a nice Turnaround: challenges Google in artificial intelligence, joined the fray deter Facebook in virtual and augmented reality, and to regain the throne industry summit. WatchOS and tvOS rich, although progress is not obvious, but somehow make up for the short board. IOS 11 makes iPad, the edge of the product, gradually coruscate the vitality. In the next few days, there should be more wonderful Session, which will bring more inspiration to the development.