Stomp WebSocket: handleFrame() method did not launched

I have the following code to test @MessageMapping:

stompSession.subscribe("/topic", new DefaultStompFrameHandler());

The handler code is:

class DefaultStompFrameHandler implements StompFrameHandler {
    public Type getPayloadType(StompHeaders stompHeaders) {
        return Message.class;

    public void handleFrame(StompHeaders stompHeaders, Object o) {
        result.complete((Message) o);

There is the problem with debugging handler, I can debug getPayloadType but the application does not stop at handleFrame.

Application work process

  1. The message is received by controller from tests
  2. Message is processing by controller successfully
  3. Message is sending by controller successfully

Websocket mapping

public Message auth(String received) throws MethodArgumentNotValidException, IllegalArgumentException {"Received: {}", received);
    final Message sent = messageService.prepareMessage(received);"Sent: {}", sent);
    return sent;

Sending message to server: stompSession.send(“/app/auth”, o);

All works fine with javascript client code.

Any thoughts to fix this or another way to make integration testing spring web sockets?