Storyboard commonly used shortcuts

Recently, due to the need to build a new project using the storyboard UI method, so storyboard is built in the UI study, see a lot of online post, summarizes some shortcuts may not be all, but we hope to be useful!

Storyboard to build the UI shortcut keys are as follows

  • 1, command + option + = repair frame
  • The central vertical line 2, command + Shift + | can be added to the current View
  • 3, command + Shift + – can be added to the current level of View midline
  • 4, want to view a hierarchy of Views: hold down shift, right click on the view you want to view
  • 5, you want to view the distance between the brothers view: select a control, hold down the option (ALT) button, you want to see the distance between, with the mouse to touch the control can be
  • 6, hold down the control key can not only generate attributes and methods, can also generate constraints (disadvantages: drag the added constraint has a drawback, that is the current monthly numerical value adding process cannot be modified, such as the need to modify, and then choose to add modify)
  • 7, the right to appear HUD, more than the coexistence of methods: right click, display, click the top drag, as long as you can drag on the screen
  • 8, quickly copy a control: Ctrl + D

According to the new user added shortcuts: 9, option + drag the mouse can copy a similar property controls. 10, a copy of a fast control is Command+D

Warm tip
when the operation of the sub view of the downward migration of the Scrollview solution, select the current viewcontroller, modify

Storyboard commonly used shortcuts