@TableGenerator doesn't work with H2?

I’m using H2 for testing environment my app. I have table Order and i would like start order id from 10000. I created Table Column:

@TableGenerator(name = "ORDER_GEN",
              table = "ID_GEN",
              pkColumnName = "SEQ_NAME",
              valueColumnName = "SEQ_NUMBER",
              pkColumnValue = "ORDER_GEN",
              initialValue = 1000)
@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.TABLE, generator = "ORDER_GEN")
private Long orderId;

but doesn’t work. I restarted app, table ID_GEN was created but order each time starting from 0.

Any ideas ?


I found solution here:
The problem is with hibernate bug.

After added setting to application.properties:


everything works very well.