The client crawler, IOS SDK, is released!

The client crawler platform (dSpider) provides Android / IOS SDK, and support for explicit crawling and crawling silent. DSpider is a Javascrip language client crawling platform by SDK and Pc (forthcoming), tools and cloud management platform is composed of three parts. Details:

The client crawler, IOS SDK, is released!

Scenarios and profiles of client requirements

If you don’t know what the client crawl is and what you can do, you’ll need to know more about the following article:

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Crawler technology (two) client crawler

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DSpider profile

IOS integration document

Official help documentation:

Demo: (welcome star)

Attached: 9 major features of DSpider

  1. Breaking the IP limit, the IP limit is completely invalid for DSpider
  2. When client users are authorized, they can log in manually and bypass the verification code problem to make the user experience more friendly.
  3. You can grab dynamically generated web pages.
  4. The script uses the JavaScript language, 0 threshold for the front-end programmer.
  5. Crawling scripts are easy to write, with minimal amounts of code, and you can use any front end JS library, while dSpider has built-in jQuery, which makes parsing web pages easy.
  6. Test support; support local debugging and provide PC side testing tools.
  7. Powerful cloud management platform, real-time monitoring applications, crawling status, dynamic updates scripts, error analysis, configuration and so on.
  8. Support for ios/android and support silent crawling.
  9. Scripting stores; a full ecosystem and user base; users can publish scripts to script stores; other users can add them freely. Users do not have to write code themselves.

Dspider official website: