There are 3 activities A, B and C, Update a text in A from C

So There are 3 activities A, B and C.
From Activity A, I go to activity B in activity B, I perform some tasks and I go to Activity C from Activity B.

I activity C, I have a button and some data, when I click the button I should update text in activity A. Is there a best way to do it?

edit: I do not want to go to back, when I click the button in activity C, but the text present in the activity a should be updated, later when I reach the activity a I should see the changes.

2 way

  1. when you leaving activity C and going to activity A, pass the value from activity C to A just like you are going to a new activity. then set the text view.

  2. Pass your textView object from activity A activity B, then activity B to activity C. in activity C just setText normally with the textview object you bring from activity A to activity C.