ToggleSwitch in the WP8

I’m writing WP8 app in the VS2013 and I want to add ToggleSwitch to my mobile app. To achieve that I clicked “Manage NuGet Packages” (the latest version installed) on my project and chose Windows Phone Toolkit. I have the following XAML code:

<ToggleSwitch x:Name="toggleSwitch1" Header="ToggleSwitch" 
              OnContent="On" OffContent="Off" 

And the errors are: 1) The tag ‘ToggleSwitch’ does not exist in XML namespace ‘’. 2) The name “ToggleSwitch” does not exist in the namespace “”.

Also on the WP page the following using statement using Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit; gets an error: The type or namespace name ‘Toolkit’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Microsoft.Phone.Controls’ (are you missing an assembly reference?)

How can I fix it?

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If you have installed Nuget Package Properly then below code should run Perfectly.

         <toolkit:ToggleSwitch x:Name="ToggleSwitch" Header="Toggle Switch" IsChecked="false" Content="Content Goes here" Checked="switch_Checked" Unchecked="switch_Unchecked"/>

You need to use your namespace identifier as a prefix in your element call. Like this

<tool:ToggleSwitch x:Name="toggleSwitch1" Header="ToggleSwitch" 
          OnContent="On" OffContent="Off" 

That should fix your problem.