TXScrollLabelView iOS of the Marquee


Some time ago in the development of a broadcast function, also find some online library, did not find very good, so he took the time to write a, published on Github day harvest more than 60 star here, first of all thank you in micro-blog’s forward, makes the TXScrollLabelView know more people in need. I also wish to thank everyone Tucao and suggestions, the birth of the TXScrollLabelView v1.1.1 version, this version for everyone in micro-blog’s Tucao and suggestions for improvement and optimization. CocoaPods is now supported and will support Carthage later. Github address: TXScrollLabelView

Pod search TXScrollLabelView -> TXScrollLabelView (1.1.1) The best way to show & display such as adverts, boardcast OnSale, e.g. with a customView. pod'TXScrollLabelView''~> Homepage: https://github.com/tingxins/ TXScrollLabelView; 1.1.1' - Source: - https://github.com/tingxins/TXScrollLabelView.git - Versions: 1.1.1 [master repo]


TXScrollLabelView is a quick access to custom labels, scrolling view, you can do promotion column, headlines column, broadcast column, advertising column and so on, show the effect diagram:

TXScrollLabelView iOS of the Marquee
TXScrollLabelView iOS of the Marquee
TXScrollLabelView iOS of the Marquee

Support scroll type

TXScrollLabelView now supports 4 scroll types:

  • TXScrollLabelViewTypeLeftRight: scroll from right to left
  • TXScrollLabelViewTypeUpDown: scroll from top to bottom
  • TXScrollLabelViewTypeFlipRepeat: cycle scrolling from bottom to top
  • TXScrollLabelViewTypeFlipNoRepeat: scroll from bottom to top

A few days ago, GitHub scrollVelocity has been proposed for the relevant types of failure problems, and now have all resolved, the above four types of scrollVelocity all support it. The latter will continue to add more functionality to meet more demand.

How to access?

There are currently two ways to integrate TXScrollLabelView:

  • Using cocoaPods platform: IOS,’7.0′, pod,’TXScrollLabelView’
  • Manually Clone or DownloadZip to local, and then manually drag and drop files from the TXScrollLabelView folder to the project. When you use it, #import “TXScrollLabelView.h” can be used.

How to use?

Direct code:

//1. gets rolling content NSString *scrollTitle = @ "XXXXXX"; //2. *scrollLabelView = [TXScrollLabelView scrollWithTitle:scrollTitle TXScrollLabelView create TXScrollLabelView type:0 velocity:3 options:UIViewAnimationOptionTransitionFlipFromTop] //3. [scrollLabelView beginScrolling] began rolling;

For more information, see Demo: