When 3 days iOS interviewer interview questions to share


First of all, this article is only representative of the individual interview questions, there is a difference in the content of different companies interview. For example, some companies focus on the experience of the project, some companies focus on technology and the like, such as the author of such a small Hello, I will ask the technical bias based questions, while feeling the hearts of candidates and candidates to try the dynamic. Casually out of 20 can also be shared to everyone!

Tell me about the difference between frame and bounds? How do you understand deep and shallow copies? Talk about your understanding of MVC/MVP/MVVM, the idea of expanding on it? SDWebImgae in what way to determine the gif/png picture? When will the auto release pool be released? AFN why add a resident thread? Simple description of the KVC and the realization of the principle of KVO? What is the process? What is a thread? There are several iOS multithreading, you usually like to use the kind of development? The difference between GCD and NSOperation, who was the first to launch? Say the difference between the property nonatomic and atomic, atomic is absolutely safe? Talk about your opinion. How does the system ensure that the parent class method is called in the subclass? Said the classification of the realization of the principle, why the classification of the original method of classification? Tell me what you know about ID, do you know the underlying principle? What is a linked list, reverse list of how to achieve? Why is the reuse of HTTP connections always better than new connections? Talk about the difference between Swift and OC? Simply say Swift in lazy? Simply talk about the fileprivate / private / public / Swift in open? How to use Swift and unowned in weak? The difference between Any and Swift in AnyObject?