Written before WWDC17

Written before WWDC17
iPhone8 virtual design source


IPhone8 or iPhone X

The new iPhone is the most anticipated and the least likely. The last WWDC release, iPhone, goes back to iPhone4. At that time, WWDC was released in June 6, 2010, and was purchased at the same month number 24. Unless the new iPhone Apple has the ability to spread within 2 months, otherwise the WWDC17 is unlikely to be released. According to
‘s current circulation, Apple’s consistent urine, iPhone, X + iPhone7s combination is the most likely. IPhone X 10th anniversary version, big change, high premium. IPhone 7S regular update, the price is flat with iPhone7, guaranteed.
also, the new iPhone must be full screen + positive TouchID + OLED.

Apple Home stereo

Amazon, Alexa, Google, Home, and so on, Siri got up early and made a late set. Alexa has a first mover advantage, and Google Home has data + AI details (very useful in foreign Google Now).
Apple’s advantage?

  • Design? Product experience? I can’t believe that apple can re revolution Alexa’s minimalist voice experience
  • Apple’s temporary advantage is massive developers, similar to Alexa Skills built up, so that developers to provide localization, personalized voice services, or can succeed

At present, SiriKit’s design is not enough to compete with Alexa, so I don’t bother to call it Siri stereo. If Apple does not broadsword, broad tiger improved Siri, follow-up is not optimistic.

Mac update

The improvement of the lack of iPhone, iPhone improvement in recent years barely see, and Mac in addition to New, MacBook, in recent years is simply abandoned state.
OK, Macbook Pro was updated last year. But, yes, me, no, hi, hee hee!
TouchBar doesn’t work for developers, and looks better. (full stop) but, but, but the performance is getting worse, the endurance is bad, and the price has gone up! What the hell is this?!!!
to see the CPU memory score: Mac Benchmarks – Geekbench Browser

Written before WWDC17
Mac Geekbench performance contrast screenshot

This is the MBP high performance version of the 2016 performance score, as 2014, 2015 and 2013, the difference is not large……
this pot Intel back, apple, you can not run: Kaby lake has been flying everywhere, dragged until now to update.
well, to be sure, my 2013 paragraph should be considered for a change. Weak update also buy buy buy, this is the fate of fallen fruit powder

IPad update

Say only three points:

  • I’m not interested in 10.5 iPad Pro. I want 7.9 iPad Pro
  • Please ask iPad to call and receive text messages
  • I know neither of these will happen


Regular updates to iOS, macOS, and tvOS are bound to happen.

Please have the bug repaired first

I can not expect any updates, please repair the bug, especially the performance of Xcode, this is iOSer’s right-hand man, apple dad please have mercy on us, after all, this is WWDC, please show sincerity!
published a three year language, go to Playground, the compiler of crash, really justified.
and, can you intercept bug for a year on your iOS10 phone?

Progressive improvement

IOS Android homogenization developed to the present, in addition to some new features, new App, it is difficult to propose the bottom layer of what big changes?.

  • New design: ten thousand years unchanged, the first screen APP arrangement can improve, dynamic icon support
  • Open more permissions: NFC, bottom control bar, etc.
  • The data communication between iOS application sharing application: communication and sharing little data, looking forward to the new action after Apple’s acquisition of Workflow.
  • Details: GIF, improved performance, saving not enumerated The more, the better.
  • Others are based on the performance of iOS 10.3, and macOS’s APFS is worth looking forward to

Artificial intelligence

No idea how to use it on an artificial smartphone. It is an important direction to guess the possibility of passing the operating environment to the terminal and making possible sexual intercourse to the developer.

Today, the personal task of mobile phones has been completed, and the mobile phone computing power is not really used, especially when charging night equipment. Apple should put forward a AIKit like TensorFlow Lite that can be run by the terminal, so as to allocate the night free computing time to the developers. What
can do is not clear. But in this regard, the framework, chip layout as early as possible is still a top priority.

In other words, if the iPhone equipment division night free time run separately computing tasks, how to define “free time” at night, if allocated to each application, which is itself a deep learning (AI) problems


Even if Apple is this positive change in the company, to reach the current volume, at the rate of growth, innovation, still can not keep up with expectations. This may be the development of things themselves. Moore’s law has failed, ten years later, Google should be the Google, apple is difficult or this apple?.
at this point in time, iPhone8 is worth looking forward to, is the beginning of another round of change, or trot toward mediocrity, Cook handed in the answer paper time.
today, to the developers, WWDC is still a rare leisure and carnival.

WWDC17, I’m at San Jose.